Thursday, August 30, 2007

And She Walks!!!

Last night Jules stood up started laughing and took off! (With taco in hand - for some reason, she is so over being in her high chair!) She has previously taken some steps, but nothing like last night. It was so adorable. She walked and walked all night. I think our clapping and cheering egged her on, but she was walking again this morning!! Could she be anymore adorable?

Though I am sure by this time next week we will wonder what we were so anxious for!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Heart Soccer!

Saturday was Mary's first soccer game. And while she was not too thrilled at the beginning, by the end, I think she had a great time!

And little did I know that there was a wild, crazy, yelling soccer mom deep inside of me! This game is exciting and it is filled with so much action. I can't believe how much I got into it!! It was just great!

Drew was home with Jules who was sick most of the weekend, so he didn't get to see Mary (or me) in action, but I warned him that he was in for a treat at her next game!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It was a HOT State Fair!

The Stinson family decided to go to the Fair on the hottest day ever!!!! (Not really, but it sure felt like it). It was just doomed from the get go. We find parking in the Fairgrounds, but it is literally a mile trek to the gate. By then we are all working up a pretty good sweat and Jules has this glazed, pained look on her face. We decide to head right for the Varied Industries bldg. to meet up with my sister Courtney. We circled the bldg twice trying to find the booth she was at, and only by some stroke of luck do I stop in front on it to wait for Drew and the girls and Courtney grabs me. We decide to get lunch with her - but not before her and I buy some new rockin' shades - I mean they were 'cheaper' if you bought two pairs, so how could we resist?
Jules tried her first corndog - I think it was too hot for her to make a valid opinion on it though! Mary got fresh fruit - Jules did too, and I got a porkchop on a stick and all of a sudden, I am not feeling well and spend the next hour going between bathrooms. I just think it was the heat, but I was not feeling well. I didn't really eat much the rest of the day. Thankfully we brought our own cooler of water (oh how I love the stroller on a day like this!) and that kept us all hydrated through the day.

We didn't end up doing or seeing much, except people watching. We found the best shaded bench in front of the Ag bldg and parked it there for a good half hour. Then we headed off to the frisbee booth and had Mary make her annual spin-art frisbee. She made one for Jules this year too, so she can start sharing in the tradition. They turned out pretty cute. After that, Drew and I looked at each other and said - let's save the rest of our money and go out for a nice dinner to celebrate his new job he was going to the next day. So after only 4 hours at the Fair, we packed it up and headed home. Well after the mile trak back to the car and a freak out session by me. Something about the heat makes me SO irritable and impatient!! Thankfully I have a husband that knows that is just who I am and takes it all in stride.

When we got home, I made everyone take showers and we just crashed for the rest of the day. We decided we were too exhausted to go anywhere for dinner, so we ordered some fabulous pizza and enjoyed the rest of the day - in our nice air-conditioned home! :o)

Monday, August 20, 2007

A new blessing!

For the last 3 months, our fridge has been on it's way out. What started as a small leak lead to everything in our fridge being covered with water most of the time. It was awful!

So this weekend we set out to see what great deal we could find. Sue and Dad had taken Jules for the night on Friday while Mary had her HSM2 Party, so Drew and I found ourselves all alone on Saturday after we dropped off all of the girls. So we went fridge 'window' shopping. Of course we found some beautiful ones that were way out of our price range. The ones that we loved were the new style with the fridge on top and the pull-out freezer on the bottom. Well they were WAY out of our price-range. So we decided that we would just get a standard fridge and would go back on Sunday to finalize everything. I wasn't too thrilled with the one we picked out, but it was a new fridge in our price-range and it kept food cold, so what more could I really need?!?

Yesterday we went to Home Depot to buy the fridge we 'wanted' and we take one more look around at all of them and lo and behold, what is that tucked away in the corner on clearance?!?!?!? OUR DREAM FRIDGE (well it was white and we wanted stainless steel, but who's complaining - not me!)!!!!! The fridge was marked down from $1400 to $700!!!!! We just stood there opening it and closing it and making sure were weren't dreaming. We called the guy over right away and he assured us this was correct. It was the floor model and they had just marked it down! I called my mom - who was graciously letting us put it on her Home Depot Credit Card, so we could pay it off over 6 months and told her the good news!!! She was so excited for us! There was a woman that came up to our fridge while we were standing there and started looking like she wanted it. The salesman told her to back off, it was SOLD!!!

We rang it up right away and then the guy tells us that because it is in-stock and on clearance, they won't be able to deliver it for us. No big deal (we are still floating on the cloud of savings), so we called Drew's Dad, who dropped everything to bring his truck and we loaded it up and took it home! After a little ingenuity on my husbands part, we were able to get it in the house, get the old one cleared out and unplugged and get the new one in! It is a perfect fit!! Once we got everything put back in the fridge, we couldn't believe how much room is in there! It is amazing! We are just loving it! Drew is in heaven, because the fridge is now eye-level and easier for him to get into!! It is just so great! This was our first home appliance purchase together and it couldn't have gone better!!! What a blessing to have found what we wanted on clearance, to have parents that love us so much and want us help us out whenever they can and to have a husband that can get just as excited as me over a home appliance!!! Here are the pics of the new love of our life! Please pardon the mess on the counters. Once we got home I just started getting everything off and out of the old fridge and used any available surface!!!

High School Musical 2!!!!!

So many things to get caught up on!!! Drew started his new job last week and really likes it. He was able to hire one of his sous chefs from the Market, so he is really excited about that! Once he gets everything in motion this week, it will be a lot better for him and for the residents there!

On Friday night, Mary had 4 of her friends over the watch the premiere of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 on the Disney Channel. She has been planning this party for months. Lauren stayed home with her on Friday and they decorated. I have to say, the house was really cute!! All of her friends were dropped off by 6:00 and the party began! We made pizza and homemade corndogs (since I didn't get to enjoy one at the Fair - that is a whole other story). Then at 7:00 the craziness began. The girls were screaming and jumping up and down and going nuts over the movie starting! The picture of Mary's friend Kelsey below is the best!! They were all beside themselves that they were finally going to see the movie and their crush - Zac Efron!
Once it was going though, they settled down and we all (including Drew) watched the movie. During commercials, they would get up and dance and carry on and discuss what had just happened in the movie and give their 'professional' opinions. :o)

Around 8:30 I made everyone root-beer floats and we settled in to watch the last half hour of the movie. At about 8:45 the unthinkable happened..........the screen flickered and went black, then came back and then went black again......our cable went out!! We couldn't even believe it! All 3 t.v.s in the house had no reception! I was absolutely devastated! The girls, couldn't have handled it any better. They just shrugged their shoulders and said "well, let's go play!" They were bummed at first (as you can see from the picture below) but they got over it pretty quickly and ended up having a great time! 3 of her friends were able to spend the night, so we stayed up late with them telling embarassing moment stories from our 'childhood'. It was so much fun. The t.v. finally came back on around 10:30 p.m. but the girls wanted to continue to tell stories. Finally around 11:00, we made them go to bed with "Honey we Shrunk the Kids" on in the background.

All in all it was a great night! I am SO thankful for Drew's new schedule, so he won't miss out on great times like this!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Mmm....Corn Dogs!

The Stinson family will be headed to the Iowa State Fair this weekend. The plan was to go on Monday - since we thought it wouldn't be as crowded, but with Drew starting his new job we had to push it up a day. We are going all day Sunday. The temp is suppose to be in the high 90's. Ugh! Oh well, I think it will be a great time. This will be Julianna's first fair. I am sure she will just be in awe of all of the different people. She loves to just people watch (just like mom and dad), so I am sure we will be doing our "fair" share of that! I have been blessed with a few really great lia sophia shows, so Mary will have plenty of her own spending money this year. I know we will walk the entire Fair before she will decide what she wants and more than likely it will be something on the other side of the fairgrounds, but it will be worth it for her to get something that she normally doesn't!

I am excited to have the weekend with my family. This is the first weekend since January that Drew has been completely off. We are all really looking forward to some Drew time!

If you are planning to be at the Fair on Sunday, we may just see you at the corn dog stand, or the funnel cake stand, or the pork chop stand.....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well it's official....

....The Market will be closing. It was posted in the Des Moines Register this morning.

I think it was really nice of the "owners" to tell the media before telling all of their employees. Thankfully management was made aware last week. But still. RIDICULOUS!!

Drew has some options right now and I will post more about those if they come to be. But in the meantime, just keep our family in your prayers while we see where God leads us next!!! Hopefully it is still here in town!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Weekly Update...

Another crazy week. I can't post too much information, as we will have more info. on Monday, but please keep Drew and his job in your prayers. It is a stressful time for us right now, we are fully trusting on God to get us through!

Mary had her 4th grade phsyical this week. She did great! She ended up having to get a shot, but she pulled through like a trooper. Her new Dr. is wonderful. The perfect guy for dealing with kids. Jumped right up on the table with her and had a discussion about Hannah Montana and her other faves from Disney Channel. She was smitten. Hopefully it will help when she gets sick and has to go back to see him.

Jules is still being Jules. Adorable and hilarious. But, still not walking. She is fine with standing, but still doesn't want to take any steps. We are getting to a new stage and that is the temper tantrum and hitting stage. We are dealing with it, but how do your really discipline a 1-year old? The word "no" is a big one in our house right now. Also, for some reason she is all about her dad this week. She could play with him for hours. She doesn't want anyone else, just snuggle time with dad. Drew, of course is eating it up. Last night we came home and when I opened the door, she peeks her head in "da-da?" and looks around. I put her down and she crawls back and forth from the living room to the kitchen saying "dad" "da-da". Then just sits on the couch looking out the window, waiting for him to come home. It's actually pretty cute. The smile on her face when she sees his car pull up is absolutely precious!

I am doing well, other than a few stressful things we are dealing with. I am having my lia sophia open house tonight. Should be a good turn-out! Drew made his famous chicken salad and some dessert treats, so it should be a great time!!!

Tomorrow is Lauren's birthday party. We will have a houseful, but it will be fun. I tried my hand at a new cake for her b-day. I made the dry-run one last night and brought it to work today. It turned out o.k. (even though everyone here loved it) I am hoping the one tomorrow will be better and the colors come out better!!!

My wonderful sis Lauren!

Wednesday was my sister Lauren's birthday. It has been such a crazy week for us, that I am just now able to dedicate a post to her.


~ She is my best-friend - not a thing she doesn't know about me. She is who I go to 2nd for everything (Drew, of course is 1st!)

~She is a wonderful aunt to my girls. Not a thing she wouldn't do for them. They love her dearly and look forward to anytime they can spend with her!

~ She is such a Godly woman. Great with advice and encouragement in any situation.

~ She LOVES her youth group kids. She is very passionate and dedicated to them

~ She can now be considered a "free spirit" - quit her job because she could and is now much happier....and we are all a little jealous.

~She loves my husband and looks to him for advice. He loves her and looks to her for advice.

~ She has had to make some difficult decisions in life, but they are always wise decisions and she always comes out on top!

~ She is fun and stylish and can always find a great deal on clothes. We love to bargain shop!

~ She can cook!!! Guess that is why she makes such a great Pampered Chef consultant!
~ All of my best memories growing up include her. We can sit around for hours laughing and crying about our childhood and all of the wonderful memories!

Happy Birthday Lauren! Thanks for making our lives so much better and for always being there for us!