Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Party Sunday!

On Sunday we celebrate Courtney's birthday (Sept. 24), Sue's birthday (Sept. 25) and Mary's birthday (Sept. 27). It was a nice lunch with good food and fellowship. Mary actually couldn't go because she wanted to spend the afternoon with her mom, but we still celebrated with her in spirit!

Our friend Holly brought her little guy - Jack. Jules was completely smitten with him....and asking when she can have one! :o)

Mary's 12th Birthday Party!

On Friday we celebrated Mary's 12th birthday! She invited some of her friends over and we had pizza and cake and then they went on a "treasure" hunt that ended at the Wildwood Lodge where we stayed in 2 pool-side rooms for the night. The girls hung out in the pool and watched movies all night. Our friends Shawn and Mariah met us there with their girls and we all had a great time!!! Mary said it was one of the best birthdays ever!

Check out this cake! My friend Amy made it for her and it turned out beautifully....and it tasted good too!!

All of the girls. Mary asked everyone to dress in pink and black - the colors of the party!

Mary's cousin Bella
Mary and Jules. Mary and her friends were so sweet, they included Jules in on everything they did. I appreciated it so much.

Mary and her friend Megan.

Mary and her friend Katie.

Mary and her friend Cheyenne.

Pink Pirates!
I love this girl!

Julianna's gift for Mary....

One of the clues....

....they found the treasure!

Jules just cracks me up. Here she is with her BFF - Keaton

Found these matching pajamas for $3.00 each - so I had to get them!

Aunt Co came and gave all of the girls pedicures. They loved it!

It was a great night and for the most part everyone got along with no major drama. Though we all were a little tired. I don't think the girls went to bed until 2 a.m., but it was a lot of fun and we just might do it again!

Surprise Sue!

Friday was Sue's 50th birthday. Her wonderful employer held a surprise lunch for her at Miller the Driller. We all went to help her celebrate and she was surprised!!


Thursday night we went to see WICKED!!! It was also Courtney's birthday, so we met for dinner at The Latin King first and then headed to the show.

It was such a wonderful evening! The show was amazing! So much so, that Drew and I are going again on Sunday! He loved it and wanted to try and go again. We were able to get some great tickets through Grand View, so we are going again! I can't wait!

I think Co had a great birthday and she looked beautiful that night!

Co and her Big Bro!
I love this girl!

Jules had QUITE the attitude that night, but Grandpa Bush can always get her to calm down. :o)

Co and her two co-workers that went with us. Julie and Laura. We all had a great time together!Ahhh....WICKED!!!


Two weekends ago we went with our friends The Chapmans to the Beaverdale Parade. It was a fun day as we always have a blast with them!

Mary found matching outfits for her and Jules to wear!

Jules and her "best friend" Keaton. Even though Keaton is 4 years older....

Mary and Callie.
The Chapmans!

Just too cute not to post. Jules and Keaton walking back to the house after the parade....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Short Day...

...in the Emerald City. Or rather, evening for Drew and I!

Tomorrow night we are going to see WICKED!!! I have loved this musical for more than 2 years now and I am finally going to be able to see it! Drew got me tickets a couple of months ago and we are going with my little sister Courtney and her friend Todd. I can't wait to go and I am excited that Drew is going with me. Musicals aren't usually his thing, but he knew how much this meant to me and he is kind of excited to go too!

You can watch the "One Short Day" Video here

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New House Pics - Finally!

Family Room with my desk area. Not a lot of space in the house, so made it work in the family room. I like how it turned out!

1st Floor Bathroom

Front Room

Julianna's Room - LOVE it!

Mary's Room. She has the entire upstairs to herself. She loves it...and so do we!! ;o)