Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011!

We had a WONDERFUL Easter Sunday! We started with services at our new church - LOVE IT! Then headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for Easter dinner. Delish as usual. After lunch Veronica, Kerry, Genevieve and Baby Olivia came over for an Easter Egg Hunt. The girls were a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. running around gathering eggs and then sharing everything when they opened them up. Too cute!

Jules' Easter Basket this year. I kept thinking she didn't have much, so we kept adding things. :) Oh well. She loved it! And there wasn't TOO much candy this year!

Jules and Natalie all dressed up and ready for church.

I posted this picture not only because it is a cute pic of Jules and Drew, but because Sue is cracking me up in the background. It looks like she is praying to God above, but she is actually throwing something into the air. It just hilarious to me!
We found some pretty good hiding spots!

This one was hilarious!
Jules had fun trying to get it!

The girls and all of their loot!

Jules had so much fun bowling. It was too cute.
She had a great time with Keaton and Grace. These girls have fun no matter what they are doing!

Happy Easter Everyone!

One of the best gifts EVER!

This was waiting for me when I came into work this morning...

Adrian - Stowe really SKORed when we got you. You do a lot for us. You put up with some real NUT ROLLS & sometimes your office looks like a CIRCUS. You are a LIFESAVER & really deserve 100 GRAND! So go home & unscrew a BOTTLECAP & TAKE 5!

Isn't that awesome! Made my whole week! :) I truly work with some great people. I have said it before and I will say it again - I am SO blessed to work in a school with such wonderful co-workers and students!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's been a great day!

So today is Administrative Assistant's Day. Working for a school on a day like this, means multiple blessings throughout the day! When I came to work, my desk was filled with flowers, chocolate cake, soda, a spa certificate, jewelry, gift cards and lots of other goodies were delivered throughout the day.

One of my favorite surprises was my visit from my favorite Special Ed class - Lynamland! You can see their teacher's blog under my blog list to the right. :)

They all wrote me letters that said "We Love you Ms. Adrian" and also made me a crown that said "Queen for the Day" It was adorable. Seriously one of the best moments of my day!

I am very blessed to work with so many wonderful people and with so many amazing kids! Truly blessed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Julianna's Pre-School Open House

So, we attended Julianna's Open House on Thursday night.  You can pretty much see from the pics below how it went.....
Here was her adorable class singing their cute little hearts out.  And.... was our shy little pre-schooler.  Enjoying watching the show from her seat.  :)  Nothing we said or did, or her teacher said or did would get her up on that stage.  So we just let her stay put.  She will hopefully grow out of it one day. 
After that we hit her classroom to see all of her projects she has been working on the past few weeks! 

Here is her "sculpture".  It is a bird named Zoey.

She had to describe what she made and why she made it. 
A Birdie.  The body is made up of a can and it is a circle.  The wings are made up od feathers.  I picked blue and purple because they are my favorite colors.  The eyes are made of greenish blue cotton balls.  The mouth is in a smile because I wanted it to be be happy.  The colored ribbon is a hair headband.  My birds name is Zoey. 

I built a birdie because I like birds and I have a bird bedrooms.  Everything in my room has birds , like some breakables, pillows and I have a nest that is pink that I put breakable birdies in that are white and black.  My favorite bird is a robin. 
My favorite part of their exhibits was the wall of Portraits of Preschool.  Each student paired up with another and drew a picture of them.  They.were.hilarious.
Jules and Shayden were paired together.

Showing off her classroom and cubby area to Grandpa Howard. :)

Final stop of the night was the art gallery in fellowship hall.  We saw lots and lots of great artwork by the high schoolers and we looked over on the far wall and saw some amazing portraits of The Mona Lisa.  This one was my fave!  :)
It was a great night and so fun to see everything that Jules and her classmates have worked so hard on!