Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a weekend!

This has just been such a great holiday weekend.

It started with getting off at noon on Wednesday and being able to come home and have some time to myself. I finished decorating the house for Christmas and read most of "twilight". Then my day got even better because Drew was home by 5 pm! That never happens! It was so great to spend an evening at home with him and Jules. Thursday we went to my Grandparents for Thanksgiving. Mmm, lunch was SO good! You haven't had good food until you have had my Grandma Howards Meatballs. Delish! Then we played games all afternoon with my family and then headed home for naps.

After that I ran to Michael's for some decorating supplies and I may or may not have ever so slightly pushed a woman and her cart out of my way to get the thing I wanted for our dining room wall. No worries, no one was injured! :o) Then I waited in line for an hour to check out. It was pure craziness.

On Friday I ventured out on my own while my loved ones slept. I didn't get out as early as I wanted, so I had to rush, so I could get back in time for Drew to get to work. First stop was Walgreens to get some 4 ft lighted Christmas trees for in front of our fireplace and another set for our front steps - buy one for $19.99 get one free! Such a deal. Then I headed to Target for an $8.00 sleeping bag for Jules, and $8.00 SD card for our camera, a set of sheets that I have been dying for, (orig. $70.00) - Black Friday deal - $30.00! Then I headed to Menards and proceed to walk right out as the line was wrapped around the store. The $10 screwdriver Drew wanted wasn't worth the wait. I then headed to Kohl's to get Julianna a Curious George book and Plush for $5.00. Again the line was wrapped around the store, except in jewelry, where I quickly found out that if I purchased some jewelry, then I could check out there in about 10 min. So being the wise woman I am, I was forced to purchase a pair of earrings for myself. Oh, the sacrifices I will make so Drew can get to work on time.

I then headed home where Jules and I spent the day organizing her room, watching Christmas movies and snuggling with each other. We did venture out again in search of a digital camera for Mary, with no luck.

Saturday I spent the day getting our house ready for Drew's 32nd birthday party with our families. Again it was great to have Drew home by 5:00. We had a nice dinner and time with our families and then my Grandparents graciously took Julianna for the night, so Drew and I could have some much needed alone time. We went to see "Four Christmases" and then made a Wal-Mart run where we scored some DVD's for Christmas presents for C.H.E.A.P.!!

This morning we slept until 10:30! It was amazing. I haven't slept past 7 a.m. in months! We took our time getting ready and I found a steal of a deal on a new digital camera on-line, so I bought it! I can't wait to get it and start posting pictures with better resolution. Then we went to a birthday breakfast at IHOP (Drew was craving Streussel Pancakes), picked up Jules, came home for her nap. Drew put a new battery in his 1980 Chevy pick-up and he got it running! Those of you who know what we ahve endured with this old truck,know that this is a small miracle and blessing for us!! He listed it on Craigslist to sell and we have already had quite a bit of interest! To celebrate we decided to take Julianna to see "Madagascar 2". Drew and I hadn't seen a movie in months and here we were seeing 2 in 24 hours! Jules did so great during the movie and we all had a great time. After that we had dinner at our favorite pizza place - Leaning Tower - and now we are home relaxing and enjoying our last couple of hours together before life starts again tomorrow.

This weekend just made me reflect on how thankful I am for our families and how thankful I am for Drew and our girls. I have such a wonderful life and I am so very grateful for it!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Pics

A Couple of weeks ago our entire family went to get our pictures taken. Drew and I haven't had a picture taken together since our engagement photos and Jules hasn't had a professional pic taken since she was 3 months old - I know, I know - bad mommy - but hey, I have been busy!!

So here they are - all of us. Overall, I am really happy with how they turned out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grandma "Lili" is coming!!!

Jules is SO excited, she can barely stand it. Tomorrow my mom - Grandma "Lili" (Lori) will be here! She is coming to spend some time with my grandpa who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She will be staying with us in our new house and Jules couldn't be more thrilled. She woke up today and said as she was clapping her hands "Grandma Lili is coming today!!!" She was a little upset when I told her it wouldn't be until tomorrow, but she is still excited!

I am anxious for a little mom time. This will be the 3rd time I have seen her this year, which has never happened, so I am very thankful for the time we will have together. Plus, she will be here to help us decorate the Christmas tree and we plan to have a mini-Christmas with her on Saturday. Can't wait!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Big Girl Day!

Yesterday was BIG GIRL DAY for Julianna. We have been working really hard on potty training with her. She tries her best, but we have had a few accidents. She is really good about going at her daycare providers house, so we decided that we would see how she would do in her Curious George undies all day yesterday. I packed her extra undies and clothes just in case.
Well....when I picked her up last night, she was still in the same clothes and Cara told me she didn't have an accident all day. She told her everytime she had to go! I was so proud of her! We continued at home and she did great all night. She is so proud to be such a big girl!

Her other feat for the day was finally getting rid of her "binky" (pacifier). I know, I know - why on earth does my 2 year-old still have a binky? Well, it is a hard thing to get rid of, especially when it really was the only thing that would calm her down at night. However, last night we talked about it and prayed with her about it and she decided that she was ready to send it off to the some babies that needed it.

And you know me....I was able to capture it all on my camera!

Envelope addressed to all the "Babies."

Jules - sending them all a little note....

One last use of the binky before it goes in the envelope.

Off it goes!

Bye Bye Binky!!