Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend filled with: Sidewalk chalk, going to the park, tea parties, learning to ride a trike (Friday), Making a lemonade stand with Grandpa Bush (Mary), spending the afternoon with Aunt Co Co (Jules), cleaning the house and getting in some much needed "me time" (Adrian), homemade chili and Jell-O cake, camping out in the dining room (Saturday), Cancelled Soccer games, random shopping trips, new swimsuit (Jules), swimming in the bathtub, popping popcorn, watching movies and much needed time with hubby/daddy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Go Cubs!

Drew went to Chicago over the weekend with his dad to take in a Cubs game. The tickets were our Christmas gift to his dad last year. They went to see the Cubs take on their main rivals - The St. Louis Cardinals. Drew said it was an amazing game, especially when they pulled through at the end it win it!! He called me from Wrigley Field right after they won. It was cool to hear the crowd and be a part of it, even it it was a small part! :o)

On Saturday they toured around the area where they stayed and went to Al Capone's grave and got some of the history of him and what he was all about. Drew loves gangster history, so he was in his element. After that they drove around finding some old Chicago firehouses. Drew's dad is a former Fire-Chief and loves to look at old buildings and learn the history of different firehouses throughout the country. After that they headed home, so Drew could be home with me and Julianna all day yesterday!

Here is a little something they brought back for Jules!

Princess Overload!

Julianna and I decided to kill some time on Saturday by going to TJMAXX in Ankeny. Now you all know about Julsie's Cinderella addiction, well it has poured over into an all out Disney Princess addiction. The latest......Snow White. My mom and I have been looking for a Snow White dress for her on-line, but they are pretty pricey. Well we were looking at the girls clothes on Saturday and there on a rack was the perfect Snow White dress. Jules saw it and went nuts. When I looked closely at it I realized it was one of the ones on-line I had seen for around $50.00. This one had a price tag of.....$16.99!!! So we grabbed it and went on our way. Such a deal.

After that we headed to the Shoe Carnival and looked around. Somehow Julianna had it in her head that we were looking for Snow White shoes. She was SO disappointed when I told her that they didn't have them and we would have to look for them elsewhere.

I had left my phone in my car, so I wasn't able to call my mom right away and tell her of my find, so I called her once got in the car. I told her that I found the perfect Snow White dress and she said "what other dresses do they have" I told her they had all of the Disney Princess dresses. She said to go back in and get Julianna a new Cinderella dress for her b-day party and to let her pick out one more. So Julianna ended up coming home with 3 new Disney Princess dresses - Snow White, Cinderella and Belle.

And...the shoes to match all of them are on their way (mom found a shoe "boutique" with all of the shoes in it on-line that night.) My child is spoiled, I know, but she is pretty wonderful and deserves most of it! :o)

Happy Birthday Annette!

On Friday night I enjoyed a much needed Girls Night Out with Annette, Rochelle and a few others. We were celebrating Annette's "non" birthday. We went to the Blue Moon Dualing Piano Bar. It was a lot of fun and the food was really good.

Now, I NEVER drink, but I decided to let loose a little bit and enjoy a key lime martini Friday night on behalf of Rochelle who is pregnant and couldn't enjoy it.

Here I am about to enjoy my drink....

....and here is Rochelle a little sad about the situation. Too bad I couldn't finish the thing. Too strong - I am not a big fan of the taste of alcohol, which is why I hardly ever drink anything!

The three amigos. You know when we get together, good times are to be had!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I haven't been able to post for a while, so if you scroll through the next six posts you will see what we have been up to. Fun fun!!

Easter 2009

Here are some pics of our Easter this year. Good times...even though Drew had to work 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Sunday. People need their Easter buffet and he is the one to provide it! :o) Seriously though, they had 800 people in the restaurant between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. We NEVER went out to eat on Easter, we always had a family dinner at my grandparents, I just think it's funny how many people eat out on holidays! But I was still a great holiday and the girls had a great time dying eggs, getting easter baskets, going to church and spending the day at Grandma and Grandpa Howards!

Chef's Frugal Wife- Pork Verde

This is one of the first recipe's I ever tried for Drew. It is Mary's favorite and she asked that I make it this weekend and post it on here.


Pork Loin - Size is up to you
*2.5lb pork loin at Hy-Vee on sale for a little under $5.00

1 can of diced green chiles
*$0.89 for the Hy-vee brand. Sometimes they are on sale

1 garlic bulb
*$0.50 at Hy-Vee

1/2 jar of pace picante sauce
*I substituted the Hy-Vee brand and it tasted just the same - $1.59

1/2 onion
*$0.59 at Hy-Vee

Taco Seasoning
*(as I mentioned before, I bought the large shaker at Wal-Mart for around $3.50 and it comes in really handy for a recipe like this where you just need a few dashes)
Garlic Salt


Place meat in slow-cooker. Sprinkle Garlic salt and pepper over the top of meat. How ever much you want on there is up to you. Add a few shakes of taco seasoning. Use garlic press on entire bulb of garlic and sprinkle over meat. Pour salsa and green chiles over meat. Chop onion and add to pot. Save the rest for later. Turn slow-cooker on high and cook for 6-7 hours.

Once everything is done cooking, take spoon and press through meat. This will shred it and it is ready to serve.

We put this on soft taco shells and add cheese, onions and taco sauce. You can also eat it without the shells. Either way it is AMAZING!!! I have found that 6-7 hours is the perfect time for it to cook. Any longer than that and it will be a little dry. This amount of meat made more than enough for our family with plenty left over for the next day. I am not a big fan of left-overs, but this is SOOOO good the next day. I just re-heated it and put it over tortilla chips and made some pork nachos. Delish!

Good Friday!

And what a "Good" Friday it was. I had the day off from work and Drew was able to take the day off as well. We went to a Dr. appt for him and were able to get something for his foot that would make walking better. He has been having some issues with his foot for a while now, so it was great to finally get some answers. We then went to lunch and just spent the day together. We picked up the girls and surprised them by taking them to Chuckie Cheese for dinner and games. Thank goodness we got there early, because by the time we left at 6:30 that place was a nightmare! It was great day. I was able to spend it with my favorite people!!!