Monday, August 20, 2007

A new blessing!

For the last 3 months, our fridge has been on it's way out. What started as a small leak lead to everything in our fridge being covered with water most of the time. It was awful!

So this weekend we set out to see what great deal we could find. Sue and Dad had taken Jules for the night on Friday while Mary had her HSM2 Party, so Drew and I found ourselves all alone on Saturday after we dropped off all of the girls. So we went fridge 'window' shopping. Of course we found some beautiful ones that were way out of our price range. The ones that we loved were the new style with the fridge on top and the pull-out freezer on the bottom. Well they were WAY out of our price-range. So we decided that we would just get a standard fridge and would go back on Sunday to finalize everything. I wasn't too thrilled with the one we picked out, but it was a new fridge in our price-range and it kept food cold, so what more could I really need?!?

Yesterday we went to Home Depot to buy the fridge we 'wanted' and we take one more look around at all of them and lo and behold, what is that tucked away in the corner on clearance?!?!?!? OUR DREAM FRIDGE (well it was white and we wanted stainless steel, but who's complaining - not me!)!!!!! The fridge was marked down from $1400 to $700!!!!! We just stood there opening it and closing it and making sure were weren't dreaming. We called the guy over right away and he assured us this was correct. It was the floor model and they had just marked it down! I called my mom - who was graciously letting us put it on her Home Depot Credit Card, so we could pay it off over 6 months and told her the good news!!! She was so excited for us! There was a woman that came up to our fridge while we were standing there and started looking like she wanted it. The salesman told her to back off, it was SOLD!!!

We rang it up right away and then the guy tells us that because it is in-stock and on clearance, they won't be able to deliver it for us. No big deal (we are still floating on the cloud of savings), so we called Drew's Dad, who dropped everything to bring his truck and we loaded it up and took it home! After a little ingenuity on my husbands part, we were able to get it in the house, get the old one cleared out and unplugged and get the new one in! It is a perfect fit!! Once we got everything put back in the fridge, we couldn't believe how much room is in there! It is amazing! We are just loving it! Drew is in heaven, because the fridge is now eye-level and easier for him to get into!! It is just so great! This was our first home appliance purchase together and it couldn't have gone better!!! What a blessing to have found what we wanted on clearance, to have parents that love us so much and want us help us out whenever they can and to have a husband that can get just as excited as me over a home appliance!!! Here are the pics of the new love of our life! Please pardon the mess on the counters. Once we got home I just started getting everything off and out of the old fridge and used any available surface!!!


amain said...

Woo Hoo!!!
What else is there to say???

Lori Eilers said...

Very cool! I love that style, too.