Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A boy named Cupcake

We have a new member of the Stinson household and his name is.....Cupcake Peanut Butter Stinson! :) What the mind of a 4-year old will come up with!

Jules has been asking for fish for forever. We told her we would discuss it after our trip to California. Well after lots of discussion about responsibility and the work that will go into caring for a fish, we went out and got one on Sunday!

You should see her with this thing. She just loves him and is so cute caring for him. She can barely be out of her room for a few minutes before she is back in there checking on him and making sure he is o.k. Hopefully all of that TLC will help him get over being named Cupcake! :)

Spring has Sprung?!

Um, I thought Spring was here.

I guess not.......

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grrrr...blogger issues!

O.k. so I have spent hours downloading our pics and writing about our trip.

I published it all to the blog and for some reason it will not post Day 2 and Day 3 simultaneously.

So if you would like to read about both days, please:
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~ Continue to hit "older post" after you are done reading each post thereafter.

They both show up that way, but not when you pull the blog up as a whole. Frustrating. Anyway - after this post there are 8 more posts!

Sheesh! Sometimes I hate technology!

Spring Break 2011!

Whew! What a whirlwind of a week we had. And every moment of it was fabulous! The weather was perfect and each day we packed it full of fun! This was the first actual vacation Drew and I had been on since our honeymoon and we had such a great time touring the country with Julianna and enjoying time in Arizona and at Disneyland!

Please enjoy the next few posts and you will see why Jules can't stop talking about....everything!!! :)

Two Girls, A Guy and a Road Trip!

We hit the road E.A.R.L.Y. on Friday morning. Left around 5:30 a.m. We wanted to leave earlier, but had an allergic reaction scare the night before and didn't make it home until after midnight! But we were so excited to get on the road that we didn't care if we didn't sleep much!
The first day we headed south through Oklahoma City and stayed in Amarillo for the night.

Hotel beds could have been better, but we were basically there just to spend the night and head out the next morning. We left around 8 a.m. on Saturday to make our final trek to Phoenix!
The drive through New Mexico was breathtaking to say the least! Miles and miles surrounded God's beauty (and very few bathrooms stops). It was awesome! And the weather was just amazing! Loved being in flip-flops and capri's again!

We made it to Phoenix around 5:30 p.m. and settled into the most beautiful resort for the night! Unbelievable!
It was a great two-day trip and thanks to Drew's new GPS, we got along fabulously the whole trip! :) :)

We saw lots of cool trains in New Mexico and took plenty of pictures for my dad! :)

The mountain in Flagstaff! Almost there!
Someone was happy to be almost done driving!

We made it!


Add ImageSomeone was excited beyond words to see her Papa Tom! Grandma Li li too, but I don't have any pics. She was pretty much glued to Grandpa's side the entire time we were there. So precious!
Here is the resort where we stayed. Breathtaking. That is the only way to descibe it! I could have stayed there the whole week and been perfectly happy. We had a suite that overlooked the pool and it was so peaceful and nice. Perfect after a long 2 day drive! On Sunday morning we were greeted by some unexpected guests outside our window. :) Jules thought it was cute, but also not sanitary and decided not to swim that morning. Totally her dad's daughter. We celebrated Christmas with Mom and Tom while we were there. They loved the gifts Jules made for them!
Enjoying the view

The entire property was gorgeous. Can't wait to go back!

We stopped by the Red Door Spa (since mom works for them) to check out their services. So wished we had more time, so I could enjoy them a little more. Hopefully next time!

Jules did manage to get herself a little something - of course!

After that we headed out to do a little shopping and driving around. Can I just say, Drew and I totally fell in love with Phoenix on this trip. Hoping to make another trip back in June. We will see how much we love it then - in the heat! :)

Disneyland Day 1!

We headed to California around 10 a.m. on Monday morning. We gave ourselves about 8 hours to get there, but it only took around 6 with a few stops along the way.

Wow! I forgot how beautiful California is. I just loved it. Not the prices, but the land was beautiful! And once again the weather was perfect!

Once we checked into our hotel, we changed and headed out for our first night. We went to Disneyland and decided to save California Adventure for the next day. From the moment we walked in, we were caught up in the "magic." You just feel good when you are there. I did have a little issue with all of the people - mama doesn't do too well in crowds, but once I got past it, I was fine.
Here is the outfit Jules chose to wear her fist night at Disneyland. And........

......who should we happen to see the second we walked in....Minnie Mouse! She LOVED Jules' outfit and blew her lots of kisses!

First ride was Autopia. Jules drove while I steered. Easier said that done, but we had a blast. Such a good way to start our Disney adventure!

We stayed until the park closed that night and quickly realized that the later you stay - the better chance you have to get onto the rides. When we first got there, this Buzz Lightyear ride had a wait time of over an hour. At 11:00 at night, the wait time was...none! She loved it so much, she rode it twice. :)

Next we hit Pixie Hollow. Tinkerbell was sleeping for the night, but Jules was just happy to see her house. :)

We headed to the Castle next and checked out some of the rides there. Dumbo was her favorite - of course. I heard that every child HAS to ride this ride, but to be prepared to wait for a couple of hours. Well again - not at 11 at night. 2nd people in line!!! :) And she did love it!
We left the park around midnight - excited for what the next 2 days had in store for us!

When we arrived back at the hotel, all of the Disney characters had a special gift just for Jules. :)

Disney - Day 2!

Day 2 started out bright and beautiful! We headed straight for California Adventure. We were dining with the Princesses later that afternoon and Ariel's Grotto in located in CA, so we decided it made more sense to spend our day there rather than hopping from park to park. Good decision. :)

I had to get a picture of this, since it was too dark to get one the night before. Classic.
First place we hit was the line to see Lightning McQueen and Mater. Jules had a bit of an attitude, but quickly snapped out of it when she realized lunch with the princesses could be taken away. :)

There were so many cool images around the park. I could have spent all day taking pictures of them!

We tried to see the Bug's Life 3D movie, but it was so intense, our little ladybug couldn't handle it, so we left and Drew went back with Mom and Tom.
While they were gone, Jules and I got in some mommy/daughter time and went for a whirl on the Frances (he's no lady) the ladybug ride. Too much fun!

This is my favorite picture of our trip. Priceless.
After that, we met up with Drew and the 'rents and they all rode with Jules on this fun ride. While you ride through Heimlich's food - he eats it and you can smell what he is eating. Watermelon and cookies. It was pretty cool!

None of us rode this. You should have heard the screams, but I think the building for the ride is magnificent!
We hit Paradise Pier next. Gorgeous views and lots of people. A little overwhelming again, but we made the most of it.
Ahhhh...Ariel's Grotto - such a lovely place...for a princess!

And this was one happy princess.

When we arrived, we found that because I had called to make our reservation early - One Miss Julianna Stinson received premium seating. Oh yes, first to meet all of the princesses! A dream come true for our little Cinderella! :)

Cinderella - who said "Oh I see we are wearing the same dress!" :)
Very giddy after meeting hew twin.
Princess Aurora
Told Julianna
"you are dressed just like my best friend Cinderella"
Snow White
As she left she told Julianna
"Don't forget your slipper!"
Told Julianna
"you are so very beautiful!"
I think it was the best money we ever spent on anything. The looks on her face, were undescribable. Priceless and precious. And the food was actually very good. I would highly recommend this experience if you have any princesses you want to take to Disneyland!

Delicious Dessert Tray!

The princesses taught Jules how to properly hold her dress. She just had to try it out!
After lunch and a quick change for Jules, we headed back out into the sun, only to see Mickey! Sad to say that he is the one autograph we didn't get, but we did see him a few times and Jules was just fine with that. :)

After lunch we headed over to the Hyperion Theatre to catch a showing of Aladdin. Wow. You would have thought we were on Broadway. It was amazing. And it was nice to sit out of the sun for an hour! The set and characthers were great and Jules loved every minute of it!

From there we headed to see the Muppets. Very cool theatre (again) and neat to see some of the characters from our childhood!

After that we headed back to the hotel for a brief rest. Again we found that it was perfect to wait until late evening to ride all of the rides.

Around 8 p.m. we headed back to the park and rode all of the rides in A Bug's Land again and rode the Monter's Inc. ride. Jules had been talking about it all day, but during the day the wait time was almost 2 hours. Once again walked right on and rode it twice!!!

Um, sunburn anyone?! It was so worth it though!~
Ready to go!
The set for the ride had amazing effects!
Sully has become Julianna's new favorite Disney character. She even bought a stuffed Sully to take home and sleeps with it every night!
We had another wonderful day and loved every minute with Julsie Bear!