Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Tradition

For the past 3 years we have taken the girls to Union Park to ride the Carousel on Memorial Day. Yesterday we made it just before the rain hit. I love taking Jules there and as she gets older she is enjoying it more and more. Randomly the girls had outfits that matched. I bought Jules her outfit a few weeks ago and Mary's grandma bought her outfit, so I thought it was cute that they matched yesterday and it wasn't planned. They were just too cute in matching outfits on the carousel!

Fun with Friends!

Sunday night we had our friends the Chapmans over to grill out, make smores and play games. It was so much fun and our girls are around the same age, so they all had a good time hanging out with each other and playing.

My baby brother is a Graduate!

I can't even believe that Morgan is 18 let alone graduating from High School! Saturday we spent the afternoon at Vets watching him graduate from East High School. It was so nice to be with our family and be a part of this with Morgan. Afterwards we went to Sue and Dad's for ice cream. Morgan ddin't want an Open House or big party in his honor, he is just like that. So we just had a little get together with family and some friends. I love MOrgan so much and I am so proud of him. This fall he will be enrolled at Minnesota State at Mankato majoring in Aviation. Since he was 5 he has wanted to be a pilot and now he is doing that. I just think that so SO awesome! Congratulations Morgan!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vroom, Vroom!

Julianna's birthday gift this year is a little bit more extravagant than the books and clothes she normally gets. But I found a great deal on-line so it wasn't too much for our budget to handle. This year she will be getting her own car......a mini Mini Cooper!!! This one is smaller than the regular Barbie Jeep, has a slower speed (what are they thinking making those Jeeps able to go 5 mph) and has enough room for her and one of her dolls. We were a bit concerned Mary would try to get in the Jeep. I just love it and it's pink! She will be so thrilled!

I am going to pick it up tonight! I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees it on her birthday!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009


On Saturday night one of Drew’s dreams came true. He.met.a.Pittsburgh.Steeler. And it wasn’t just a simple meet and greet. Justin Hartwig, #62 and starting Center for the Steelers came into Johnny’s on Saturday night with his family and had dinner! Drew was able to meet him and take him on a tour of the kitchen. Drew was so excited and even got his autograph on his Steelers football – signed “Drew, thanks for the great steaks! Justin Hartwig”. How cool is that?!?!

On a side note Mary's current teacher was Justin's teacher in 5th grade. So they all thought that was pretty cool and Justin and Drew had a good conversation about that and what a wonderful teacher she is. Of course Mary thinks it is awesome that her dad talked about her with a Pittsburgh Steeler!

Happy Trails to you....

Tuesday was Pioneer Day at Mary's school. They visited the Bennett School House in West Des Moines. She had to dress the part and bring her lunch with food that would only have been available back then. She took sugar cookies, beef jerky, sunflower seeds and licorice. She had a great day and I loved how she looked!

B-day Party!

My co-worker told me that you can celebrate your birthday until you have had the last party and received the last present, so I have been one celebrating machine! Monday night we had our families and a couple of friends over. It was nice to see everyone and hang out and of course there was cake! Thank you everyone who came over. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many loved ones!

Mother's Day 2009

We were able to spend Mother's Day at my Grandma Howard's on Sunday. It was a great day filled with lots of love and lots of moms!!! Drew of course was at work busy with the Mother's Day buffet, but was able to be home that night to spend some time with me and Jules. All in all we had a great day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Birthday!

Monday was my (ahem) 31st birthday! It started out with a long night before as Jules was sick through the night. Drew ended up taking her to the Dr. and she was feeling better by the end of the day. I got off work early, and was able to spend some time with her, Drew and Mary.

I got some pretty fantastic gifts that day. My girlfriends surprised me with a travel bags filled with goodies for a road trip. The last bag had a large gift card to the Tanger Outlet mall! So we are going to plan a trip there later this summer. I was given specific instructions to NOT use the gift card for anything other than myself. So I will have to take along a little extra to spend on the girls!

Drew got me the new DKNY perfume I have been wanting along with a fun new purse. But the best gift of all was a hotel stay for me, myself and I at the Holiday Inn and Suites for next weekend! Drew is actually going to stay with me Friday night and then Saturday I have the whole day to shop, eat, read a book, relax and sleep. I can't wait to have some much needed R&R. Thank you to Sue and my grandparents for taking Jules, so this could happen!

Monday night we headed to one of my faves - Hickory Park - for dinner. Dinner was absolutely amazing and so was my free birthday dessert!

Thank you everyone for the gifts, cards, well wishes, emails, e-cards and facebook messages! I had a great day!

Garage Sale Finds

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Julianna is all about Cinderella right now. Well for some reason whenever she would receive a package from my mom, she would ask "Is that my Cinderella Couch?" I have no idea where that thought came from or if there was even such a thing.

So, my mom being my mom started searching the internet for a "Cinderella couch" And of course there are quite a few out there, and of course they are not cheap. I think the cheapest one we found was $125.00. But Jules wanted one and Grandma didn't want to disappoint, so she decided she would get one for her for her birthday.

Well last week my work study was looking on Craigslist for garage sales around town and found a Pink couch with Cinderella on it.

The garage sale was one block away from Sue and Dad's so we headed over there first thing Saturday morning and got it!!! It just needs a little TLC and it will be in perfect condition. While we were there Jules found a Little Mermaid vanity. I wasn't sure about getting it, but after I talked to my mom she told me to go back and get it. So we went back and picked it up. I am so glad we did. She has been playing with it every night. The thing was in perfect shape and just needed a little disinfectant.

Here are some pics of our finds. Oh and did I mention that I got BOTH for UNDER $30.00!!!!! Oh yeah!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Julsieism #4

I haven't posted one of these for a while and boy has she come up with some good ones lately!

On Sunday Mary's soccer game was cancelled, so we had some time to kill on the West Side before Drew had to be at work. We were at Merle Hay Mall and I asked Drew if he wanted to head over the Big Lots to see if there were any good deals over there.

Me: "Jules, do you want to go to Big Lots?"

Jules: "what is that?"

Me: "It is a fun store. That is where we got your pink guitar for Christmas"

Jules (after thinking about it for a moment): "Um, mommy SANTA got my pink guitar for me, not you and daddy silly!"

Me (stuttering over my words): "Oh yeah, um, well Mommy and Daddy told him where to get it and he got it from there"