Friday, November 9, 2012

Julianna's Fall Pictures

Last weekend we took advantage of the nice weather and I took Julianna's Fall pictures.  When she is in the mood, she is such a good little model.  :)  We had fun walking around the parks together, playing in the leaves and capturing a few great shots!

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The PERFECT Way to End October......

........and the best was definitely saved for last!  On October 31st at 4:30 in the afternoon.....I BECAME AN AUNT!!!!

The precious Mia Rene was born!!!!

My sister did amazing.  After 18 hours of labor she had a C-Section and this little bundle was born!   We are all so in love already and we CANNOT wait to see her in two weeks when we head to Texas for Thanksgiving. 

I am living off the pics that Lauren has been sending, so as I get more I will post.  Seriously though - is she not the cutest thing ever!!!  I love, love, love her!!!

Halloween 2012

Julianna's two besties have a Halloween birthday!  So this year they had their birthday party on Halloween and then we all set out to trick-or-treat together!  It was a fun night, but we were exhausted by the time it was all done. 

We made a quick trip to Hy-Vee first for their Halloween walk.  For some reason Jules REALLY wanted to do this, so after a quick trip around the store to pick up goodies we headed to the party!

Jules loved every minute of it and the neighborhood we trick-or-treated in was like something out of a movie.  Kids lined the streets, houses were decorated, lots of candy was given out and fun was in the air.  It was perfect!!! 

Pumpkin Patch 2012

A friend of mine from work told me about a great Pumpkin Patch near Columbia, so last weekend we went to check it out! 

Tara and the girls happened to be there at the same time too, so Jules had a great time running around and checking everything out.  I love moments like this with her!

She did a hayrack ride, played in the hay maze, got her face painted and picked out a couple of pumpkins to take home. 

It was a great day! 

We had lunch first in this cute little town near Columbia and I just had to take Jules' picture on Main Street! 


Jules joined Girl Scouts this fall and so far she LOVES it!!! 

Each year they have an Event called Juliesta where they celebrate the birthday of the woman that started the Girl Scouts - Juliette Low. 

This years theme was - Dancing Through the Decades.  They had to dress as a dancer from any time period from 1910-1990.  We used a dress she already had and I made her headpiece and I think it turned out great! 

Julianna learned the Charleston, The Fox Trot, the Hand Jive, how to Disco dance and Walk like and Egyptian, the Running Man and the Macarena.

It was a blast and she is still talking about it! 

I think Girl Scouts is an amazing organization and is going to be a great thing for her. I am so happy she chose to do it!!!