Friday, August 10, 2007

Mmm....Corn Dogs!

The Stinson family will be headed to the Iowa State Fair this weekend. The plan was to go on Monday - since we thought it wouldn't be as crowded, but with Drew starting his new job we had to push it up a day. We are going all day Sunday. The temp is suppose to be in the high 90's. Ugh! Oh well, I think it will be a great time. This will be Julianna's first fair. I am sure she will just be in awe of all of the different people. She loves to just people watch (just like mom and dad), so I am sure we will be doing our "fair" share of that! I have been blessed with a few really great lia sophia shows, so Mary will have plenty of her own spending money this year. I know we will walk the entire Fair before she will decide what she wants and more than likely it will be something on the other side of the fairgrounds, but it will be worth it for her to get something that she normally doesn't!

I am excited to have the weekend with my family. This is the first weekend since January that Drew has been completely off. We are all really looking forward to some Drew time!

If you are planning to be at the Fair on Sunday, we may just see you at the corn dog stand, or the funnel cake stand, or the pork chop stand.....

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amain said...

I HIGHLY recommend the porkchop on a stick...YUMMMMMM!!