Monday, December 20, 2010

Stinson Family Christmas Star

A few weeks ago Julianna came home school with a picture of a black and white star. The instructions on the star said for us as a family to decorate and color it.

We had so much fun working on it together as a family. Drew drew the design, Jules colored it in and I worked on the glitter. I love how it turned out and Jules was so proud of it! After that we worked on other craft projects. It was a fun t.v. free family night!

Christmas Program

We (barely) made it to Dad and Courtney's Christmas program a couple of weeks ago. They both had solos and did an amazing job!

Family Christmas Baking Night!

Last week we had Courtney, Sue, Grandma Howard and Amy over to do a night of baking! We had SO much fun!
The girls and I made homemade oreos and sugar cookies. And then I tried out a new recipe for cranberry orange cookies. I will admit that I have never made cookies from scratch before (I know - shocking with me being married to a chef and all) but we don't make sweet treats in our house very often and when we do, it is usually the girls that do the baking and we go with the quick and easy stuff.

ANYWAY, these cookies turned out fabulous and were a bug hit with everyone. I may just have to start making them every weekend! :)

Jules loved everything about baking!!

Mary working on the homemade oreos...
....and sampling them as well! :)
The house smelled soooooo good that night!

Jules and Mary were pretty creative with their decorating skills

Jules had a little help from Grandma H.
I think Aunt Co Co made 5 dozen cookies that night!
I don't usually care for chocolate, but these oreos were G.O.O.D.!!!!

Sue helped with oven - making sure everything came out at the right time!
Jules and her best friend for the night - Amy!

And here they are - My Cranberry Orange Cookies. They were D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.!!!
And no, they didn't last the week. And I may have gained 5 pounds, but they were totally worth it! :)

Stinson Family Tree Decorating

The two goofballs (a.k.a. - Jules and Mary) and I had a great time decorating the tree this year! After a minor spider incident (what do you expect after being in storage for a year) Drew put the tree up for us and we got to decorating it! Jules and Mary got into the Christmas spirit and we had all of the bulbs, bows and ornaments up in no time!! My perfectly coordinated tree is slowly being over-run by home made and more sentimental ornaments and I am loving it. Every year we have new pieces to add to it and the memories they provide are priceless. :)
Jules the elf - all ready to decorate the family tree!

I LOVE these girls so very much!
More silliness - just trying to pass the time while Drew sets up the tree!

Mary did a great job decorating the high spots
Jules did a great job decorating the lower spots.
Julianna's new ornament for this year - the letter "J"
Mary's new ornament - the letter "M"

Here are some of my favorite ornaments!

The finished product!!
Happy Decorating to all!

Deck the Halls 2010

We had fun decorating the new house this year! Our Family room, Dining room and Kitchen are all basically one big room, so it was tricky trying to get it all to work, but I think it turned out great and it was fun to decorate with the girls this year! Jules is at the perfect ager where she is catching onto the Christmas Excitement!!

I forgot about my Christmas Stars. They have been in storage for 2 years and Drew pulled then out and hung them up for me this year. I.Love.Them!

All I am going to say about this picture is it is a good thing we didn't name Julianna "nicole" or "natalie" :) :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A special message to Julianna from Santa

Seriously, one of the coolest things ever!! The look on her face when she saw this was....priceless!!!

Now It's Time for Christmas!

Tis' Christmas!

Christmas Star

For Grandma Li Li (and Aunt La La) :)

Per their request, I will post the videos of Jules practicing all of her poems and songs for the Christmas Program. (please pardon the Hannah Montana night shirt!) :)


Jules has her pre-kindergarten Christmas Program on Thursday night. For the past month she has been practicing all of her songs and her poems. Here is a preview of the adorableness that will commence on Thursday night. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010


~ Finally starting to catch up!
~ Finally posted some new blog entries.
~ Things are finally starting to slow down for us.
~ Finally have the house decorated for Christmas and I can't wait to post pictures.
(Pictures taken with my new Fuji Camera!!!)
~ Finally no more grainy, barely there photos.
~ I finally have a camera I can explore and try new things with!
~ I finally have some Christmas Presents wrapped!
~ We finally had a weekend at home
~ We finally got some snow (not so thrilled about that one though)
~ And last, but not least - Drew FINALLY got his custom brace made for his foot. He is walking and functioning SO much better and it has only been a week! At one point he was actually running just because he could! We are hoping after a couple of months in the brace he will FINALLY be healed!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Drew's (ahem) 34th Birthday!

We celebrated Drew's birthday on the 30th. Just a small affair with family, but it was a nice night and nice time together with everyone! :)

Like I said, I have been SO busy lateley, that I didn't even have time to do a birthday post for Drew. So here it is (almost 2 weeks late)

You are still the man of my dreams and I am so thankful you are my husband! This has been a tough year for us, but we have stood by each other through all of it and as usual, we have come out stronger and even more in love. This upcoming year will be a great one. Full of new challenges, new dreams and new goals and I can't wait to experience each one with you.

Happy Birthday babe! I love you so very much!
Yes, I made the cake. His fave - yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And yes, I realize it looks like a 2-year old made it. I don't care, it still tasted good! :)

Birthday boy with his girls!
Girls that love him more than anything!
He LOVED what Jules picked out - an Encyclopedia about Rock and Roll. She really did pick it out for him. Knew just what he would love!
Can't go wrong with Steelers Tailgating gear!
Happy 34th Birthday Drew!!!