Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am becoming really bad at this blogging thing!  :)  Life is just crazy busy most days and I will think "oh, I should blog about that" and then something else happens and I forget all about it! 

Things are going great with us!

Drew got a promotion with his company and started his new position on Aug. 1st.  He is still at William Woods University, but now as the Food Service Director.  He is SO happy with this company and they treat him so well!  It is just such a blessing to see him come home with a smile on his face each night and happy about his job. 

Jules is doing great!  She has spent a lot of time with her best friends Kydra and Kyndall this summer and loves having her very own baby-sitter come to the house each day to watch her.  They have gone shopping, to the movies, and swimming.  But, she is ready for school to start next week and can't wait to see who her teacher will be!

As for me, things are WONDERFUL!!!  I started a position with the school district last month!  The most bittersweet part of our move, was leaving my job at Stowe that I loved so much.  I really wanted to get back into that kind of environment and was just waiting for the right job with the Columbia District to present itself.  And it did! In April, I applied for a job with one of the Middle Schools.  I really wanted this position because it was really close to our house and it is the Middle School that is right next to Julianna's school. 

I interviewed after school was out and was offered the position the next week!  I started it the first week of July!  And....I LOVE IT!!!  I love being in this environment again and the teachers and staff here have been SO nice and helpful!

I still miss Stowe a lot, but my heart feels full again -  being part of a school.  I cannot wait for classes to start next week and hopefully will start to meet a lot of the kiddos! 

You always hear people say that sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and see where it takes you.  I can honestly say that when we took that leap of faith last fall and made the decision to move here, it wasn't easy, but it was definitely the best move for our family.  We are so incredibly happy here.  We both have jobs we love, Julianna is doing great with school and all of her new friends, we love our house and our neighborhood and we have a stronger bond as a family.  SO incredibly thankful for where that leap of faith has brought us! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun Weekend in Iowa

This post is LONG overdue!  :)

We had a great time visiting with Friends and Family in Iowa over the 4th.  Jules and I left bright and early the morning of the 4th and drove straight to Des Moines.  Only stopped twice!  That is a record for us!  :)

It was BRUTALLY hot that week, so after we dropped off our luggage, we headed straight to the Chapman family pool!  It was great to see them and to cool off! 

We spent the evening hanging out with Sue, Dad, Lauren and Cody.  We went out for dinner and had a nice night!  The next day, I went to breakfast with Lauren and Cody while Jules spent some much needed time with Grandma and Grandpa Bush. It was my Dad's birthday and he was thrilled to spend some time with his little babe. :)  That afternoon I got some one on one time with Courtney while we shopped for Lauren's baby shower and Dad's birthday party. 

Jules and I had a quick date with Rochelle, Annette and Reagan.  It was SO nice to see my girls and catch up for a bit.  After that we went back to Sue and Dad's to celebrate Dad's birthday with a delicious summer meal - BLT's and Corn on the Cob! 

On Friday, Sue, Courtney and I spent the day getting ready for the Shower.  We decorated the church and got everything set up.  Did I mention it was hot in Iowa that week?!  :)

My cutie pie husband surprised us and came into town half a day early and was there to help us set up and make the Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  Thank goodness!  I was afraid if I made them, I would not do them justice!  :)
That night Mariah and Shawn invited us to dine at Sam and Gabes.  Shawn is the GM there and treated us like royalty.  The beers kept coming for Drew and the food was AMAZING!!  Italian Nachos - Hello!!!

While we were decorating the church, Drew met up with one of his buddies - who just happens to own Jethro's - for those of you in Des Moines, you know what I am talking about - anyway - they got to talking about music and such and Drew mentioned that he liked a Folk band named the Avett Brothers.  His friend, said "what a coincidence - they are playing here tonight at the 80/35 music festival.  He picked up his phone, made a call and had tickets waiting for us to pick up after dinner!!! 

Now, concerts are not my thing, but a free evening with my husband enjoying a band he loves - I will take it!!!  We had a great time and Oh.My.Gosh.  The Avett Brothers were awesome live!  So incredible!! It was such a wonderful night and I loved that we were able to get in a date night while we were there.  We don't have a lot of options here for babysitters, so we have only been out twice since we moved, so it was a nice treat!  :)  Oh and it was HOT.  Did I mention that?  We were soaked, sweaty messes by the end of the night, but it was worth it!  :) 

On Saturday, we had Lauren's Baby Shower.  I think it went well.  Everyone loved the food and loved being a part of her Gender Reveal.  I am SO happy to be having a baby niece!  We are going to visit them in November after baby Mia is born and I can't wait to shower her with hugs, kisses and lots of love!

That night we had friends and family over to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday.  It was fun to see some of his family that lives far away and to spend time together as a family.  Morgan wasn't able to come, but I know that Dad really enjoyed having all of his girls there to help him celebrate! 

The next morning we caravaned (sp?) home and made it just in time to take a 3 hour nap!  :)  Between the constant running around while we were there and the heat, we were all exhausted.  But the trip was awesome and I am so glad we were able to see so many people and celebrate Lauren's Baby and my Dad's 60th birthday!  It was a great week and I am so glad we were able to do it! 

All ready to leave!  

 Just doing a little reading with Grandma on the porch.  :)
 Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!
Lovin' on Reagan. 

 Date night with our best friends!!

The Avett Brothers! 

 Lauren's Baby Shower

It's A....... 

 Jules got to meet her Pen Pal Grace in person!!!
 Lauren made this amazing card for my Dad for his birthday.  Everyone loved it!

Dad - We were going to give you a WHOPPING  100 GRAND for your birthday, but the money slipped through our BUTTERFINGER's.  We didn't have any EXTRA WHATCHAMACALLIT's to seel and it wasn't PAYDAY.  We didn't think a pet KIT KAT, a trip to New YORK, or an ORBIT around the MILKY WAY would be appropriate.  We want to wish you a MOUND of Almond JOY, both NOW AND LATER as you eat this card.  We hope it doesn't ROLOver and make you sick.  If it does, we promise not to SNICKER.  Love your favorite AIR HEADS (mini ones were used for Jules and Mia).  Isn't that so cute?!  Dad just loved it!!!
 Jules and one of her BFF's Jen.  Jen closed the party down with us!!!  So fun to see her and hang out!!
I promise, this was not staged! This is literally how we found Julianna after everyone left.  Holding the balloons from Lauren's shower and passed out on the couch.  Best picture of the summer, right here folks!!  :)