Friday, August 3, 2007

Weekly Update...

Another crazy week. I can't post too much information, as we will have more info. on Monday, but please keep Drew and his job in your prayers. It is a stressful time for us right now, we are fully trusting on God to get us through!

Mary had her 4th grade phsyical this week. She did great! She ended up having to get a shot, but she pulled through like a trooper. Her new Dr. is wonderful. The perfect guy for dealing with kids. Jumped right up on the table with her and had a discussion about Hannah Montana and her other faves from Disney Channel. She was smitten. Hopefully it will help when she gets sick and has to go back to see him.

Jules is still being Jules. Adorable and hilarious. But, still not walking. She is fine with standing, but still doesn't want to take any steps. We are getting to a new stage and that is the temper tantrum and hitting stage. We are dealing with it, but how do your really discipline a 1-year old? The word "no" is a big one in our house right now. Also, for some reason she is all about her dad this week. She could play with him for hours. She doesn't want anyone else, just snuggle time with dad. Drew, of course is eating it up. Last night we came home and when I opened the door, she peeks her head in "da-da?" and looks around. I put her down and she crawls back and forth from the living room to the kitchen saying "dad" "da-da". Then just sits on the couch looking out the window, waiting for him to come home. It's actually pretty cute. The smile on her face when she sees his car pull up is absolutely precious!

I am doing well, other than a few stressful things we are dealing with. I am having my lia sophia open house tonight. Should be a good turn-out! Drew made his famous chicken salad and some dessert treats, so it should be a great time!!!

Tomorrow is Lauren's birthday party. We will have a houseful, but it will be fun. I tried my hand at a new cake for her b-day. I made the dry-run one last night and brought it to work today. It turned out o.k. (even though everyone here loved it) I am hoping the one tomorrow will be better and the colors come out better!!!

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Lori Eilers said...

We're praying for you all. Just FYI for the new temper tantrums - we will be having our parenting life group starting in September if you are interested. We parents gotta stick together! :)