Friday, August 3, 2007

My wonderful sis Lauren!

Wednesday was my sister Lauren's birthday. It has been such a crazy week for us, that I am just now able to dedicate a post to her.


~ She is my best-friend - not a thing she doesn't know about me. She is who I go to 2nd for everything (Drew, of course is 1st!)

~She is a wonderful aunt to my girls. Not a thing she wouldn't do for them. They love her dearly and look forward to anytime they can spend with her!

~ She is such a Godly woman. Great with advice and encouragement in any situation.

~ She LOVES her youth group kids. She is very passionate and dedicated to them

~ She can now be considered a "free spirit" - quit her job because she could and is now much happier....and we are all a little jealous.

~She loves my husband and looks to him for advice. He loves her and looks to her for advice.

~ She has had to make some difficult decisions in life, but they are always wise decisions and she always comes out on top!

~ She is fun and stylish and can always find a great deal on clothes. We love to bargain shop!

~ She can cook!!! Guess that is why she makes such a great Pampered Chef consultant!
~ All of my best memories growing up include her. We can sit around for hours laughing and crying about our childhood and all of the wonderful memories!

Happy Birthday Lauren! Thanks for making our lives so much better and for always being there for us!


Lori Eilers said...

We love Lauren, too!

Anonymous said...

I love Lauren too! Happy Bday girl! :)

Anonymous said...

~From Rochelle