Thursday, July 21, 2011

11 days

11 days folks.  11 days.  That is how long I have been unable to take a bath.  :(  Now I have showered everyday of course (Thank you Sue and Dad for letting us make your water bill higher this month), but this exhausted mama needs her bathtime. 

It is a nightly ritual I look forward to and what keeps me sane.  A long bath and the latest copy of People magazine are pretty much all that I need to keep me a happy woman.  And, well 11 days without one is slowly

We are now waiting on some gasket to be installed on our water heater in order for it to produce hot water.  One thing after another.  Drew is ready to blow up and I am about to take our neighbor up on his offer to bathe and shower at his house. 

Fingers crossed that I will be more sane by this evening.  Please Lord. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Cupcake that Saved our Lives!

Like I said below, on Sunday we came home to our house smelling like gas.  We had Mid-American out to check it.  They found the leak, turned it off and we called someone to come out on Monday and fix the leak.  They claimed they did, so we went about our business. 

On Wednesday morning, we wake up to find Cupcake (Julianna's precious fish) d.e.a.d. in his bowl.  :(  At first we didn't think much of it - just thought fish die unexpectedly all the time, but Drew got to thinking and asked me if I thought he might have died because of the exposure to natural gas from the leak.  The more we thought about it, the more we thought we better have Mid-Am come back out to check to see if the gas leak was in fact fixed........IT WAS'NT.  It was worse than before.  We had the same people back out to fix it two more times and each time they kept making it worse.  Finally my husband found someone else and they are coming today to fix it.  Hoping it is done correctly and we can finally have hot water again! 

But in the end, we are fairly certain Cupcake saved our lives.  We wouldn't have had them back out the check the leak if he hadn't died.  Jules was SO upset and devastated by his death.  So much so that she doesn't want another fish because she is afraid of it dying too.  So, Drew now wants to get her a dog.  :)  We will see what happens with that.  We all had a good cry over his death, but also over the fact that it could have been so much worse.  So Rest peacefully Cupcake, but know that you always have a place in our hearts because you very well could have saved our lives. 

Fun Week with Grandma Lili and Papa Tom!

We headed to Omaha to pick up Mom and Tom the day before the wedding.  We had a great family weekend and then came home on Sunday.  On Monday we took Jules to the zoo.  But nothing like it would be later in the week.  Mom and Tom brought the heat with them, but the humidity.  Oh Lord.  It was ridiculous.  We made it through the zoo on Monday in a little over an hour.  Then met Grandpa and his friend for dinner that night.  Oh, did I mention that we came home Sunday to a gas leak in our house?  Yep.  And as of today it STILL isn't fixed.  So we spent the majority of the week without hot water and had to shower at Sue and Dad's and Granpa Tonsi's.  What a lovely time to have guests! 

 On Tuesday I worked all day and made a nice Iowa dinner for Mom and Tom that night - BLT's and fresh sweet corn!  Heaven!  We have pretty much had fresh picked corn every night this week.  LOVE it! 

On Wednesday, Drew and I my Grandpa spent the day making my Grandpa's famous Polenta.  Our house smelled g.o.o.d all day long!  And dinner was delish!  Hoping Drew will make it more often now! 

On Thursday everyone waited around all day for the leak to be fixed.  It was, but not really, so it was kind of a wasted day.  Drew, Jules and Tom had planned to take her to a movie that morning, but had to change plans while waiting for the guy to come out to fix the leak.  So Mom, Tom and I took her to see Mr. Poppers Penguins that night.  Cute movie! 

On Friday Mom and I took Jules shopping for new school clothes.  But we got some good deals, so that made up for it!  :)  And of course, no visit with Grandma would be complete without a stop at Build-A-Bear.  Oh yes.  3 times in one month for this little girl.  Spoiled much?  I think so.  :)  So we now have a new "puppy" in our house named Sally. :) 
 Friday night we headed to my Aunt Ginny's to celebrate my Grandpa's 83rd birthday!  We had a nice night celebrating the man who brought us all to be!  :) 

 He loved his gift from Jules.  A little something for his garden.  :) 

 And look who came!  The bride and groom!  Jules again was in love with Britta!  They are moving to Omaha next month so Britta can attend Creighton, so we are hoping to sneak in a few visits with them when we head to the Omaha Zoo this fall! 

 Tom and my Aunt (yes you read that right) Angelina

On Saturday we loaded up the car and headed back to Omaha to take Mom and Tom to the airport.  Someone wasn't too happy they were leaving. :(  We are hoping to see Tom again next month as he comes to Missouri to see his side of the family.  It was a nice week, but we are exhausted!  Drew woke up with hives all over his body yesterday and we spent most of the day in the ER trying to get them under control.  We are looking forward to a regular week and trying to stay cool!

Wedding Weekend!~

Last weekend we celebrated the marriage of my cousin Robbie to his wonderful fiance Britta!  We love them both so much and we were honored to be a part of their big day! 

Drew prepared the rehearsal dinner the night before.  It.was.amazing.  Everyone was raving about his Pasta Carbonara, Pork Chops and Green beans!  Delish!  My Aunt decorated the lodge where we were staying and we used some of my Grandma Tonsi's china for the dinner.  Made us feel that she was there and a part of everything. 

 The Lodge where we stayed was unbelievable!  The views of the countryside would take your breath away.  You could see for miles.  The first night Drew, Jules, Tom and I went outside and laid in the grass looking at the stars.  It was so peaceful and beautiful.  Makes me want to pack everything up and move to an acreage in some small town in Iowa! 

 Jules made a new friend with my Aunt's dog Deno.  She followed that poor pup around all weekend.  I don't think he had ever seen so much excitement!  :)
 The wedding was beautiful and they were both so in love and happy.  I loved being a part of it as their scripture reader and loved seeing the love radiate from both of them!

 Someone else was in awe of the day as well.  She loves everything about Britta and loved seeing her look so beautiful in her wedding dress!  :) 

 My handsome date! 

 Jules had fun hanging with Papa Tom.  Adorable.

 After a few drinks, Drew and I hit the dance floor.  He impressed everyone with his moves and we snuggled in close as they played the song we danced to at our wedding as the last song of the night. :) 
 Hot and sweaty after dancing, but more in love than ever.  We kept saying how nice it was to see another couple as happy as we are and truly, truly in love with each other.  We wish Robbie and Britta all of the happiness and love that we have shared over our 7 years together!  It just keeps getting better and better!!!
 On Sunday on the way out of town we had to stop by Albert the Bull (wedding was in Audubon, IA) for a picture.  If you look closely you can see Jules by his foot.  Albert was HUGE!  It was a fun way to end a great weekend!!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things that make me smile today....

* Drew and Jules just dropped breakfast off to me at work and I got some love from both of them :)
* My house is clean (enough)

* 59 cent fountain drinks from QT

* Friends with swimming pools

* I got more work done in the past 2 days, than I can in 2 weeks during the school year

 * My Mom and Tom will be here TOMORROW!!!! I am looking forward to a week of fun, good food and a little shopping!

* My cousin is getting married on Saturday. Going to be a fun filled weekend with family and friends. We are staying at the cutest lodge in Audubon, IA. Love it when we can get away as a family and enjoy being with more family! :)

* And finally - Jules in her Mama's shoes.  I love to catch of glimpse of her walking around in my shoes.  I remember doing this when I was a kid.  I could not WAIT to grow into my mom's shoes.  She always had the coolest shoes.  A pair in every color that went with every outfit (that was all the rage in the 80's). Jules feels the same way and says that she can't wait to be just like me when she grows up.  Of course I want more for her, but I will take the love and adoration while I can!  :)

Happy 4th of July!

We had a GREAT 4th!  We spent the day at the Chapman's pool swimming and baking soaking in the sun! Drew had to still take it easy, but Jules and I enjoyed every part of the pool.  It was the perfect day for swimming!  Jules was thrilled because there were so many kids there.  Keaton's cousins from California were in town and she had a great time that day playing with everyone!

 The girls entertained us all day long with the dance routines, plays and all around goofiness.  Here is Keaton as Lady Gaga at the pool. :)
 Jules and Lady Gaga!

              Jules did really well in the pool.  She tried a couple new things and went all the way under 8 times. Just ask her, she will tell you!  :) 

 Cutest picture of the day!
 Fletcher was pretty exhausted from all of the activities. :)
 We all headed out to watch fireworks that night.  Jules didn't last too long before we had to leave.  It was a LONG day, so we caught the fireworks as we were driving by them on the way home.  All in all it was a wonderful day.  So thankful to have the friends we have.  We are very blessed the Chapman's.  Not too often you find a friends where both the husbands and wives get along so well.  :)  Hope everyone else had a safe and happy 4th!