Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So....we were finally able to see some fireworks this week. On Friday Jules and I were able to catch the show in WDM and Sunday we met up with the Chapman's and the Peil's and watched Ankeny's show. We didn't get too close because we didn't want to traumatize poor little Fletcher, but we still had good seats and the kids had a blast just being together!

4th O' July

It was a fun weekend, even though there was some heartache about the rain. Thankfully the girls got some swimming in on Saturday and weren't too disappointed about swimming in the rain (just a light drizzle mom, don't freak out) on the 4th. The main disappointment came from Drew - he loves him some fireworks. The fireworks across from his mom's house were cancelled due to the rain. Not cool. But we still managed to have some fun that day.

We met the Chapman's for lunch and swam and grilled out. Fletch had a good time with Uncle Drew and Mariah and I had a good time watching the girls be goofballs in the pool, in the rain.
Our two firecrackers!

After that we headed home for some naps and then headed to Drew's mom's house for some good food and laughter. Oh and sparklers. The rain was pretty much done by 9 and the kids had fun playing in the backyard. It was really nice. And it was even nicer that neither Drew or I had to work the next day! Little blessings like that make me happy. :)

Mary picked out these outfits for the girls. Can you say a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.!!

Mary was workin' the lighters for the younger kids...

...then joined in on the fun!
Hmm, can you tell Jules wasn't as timid around the sparklers this year!?!

Great night!

Girls Night Out - Mommy Style

A couple of weeks ago Jules and I had a Girls Night Out with Rochelle and Reagan. After some good (but totally bad for us) eats, we did a little shopping and called it a night. At 8:00. That's how we mommies roll on a Friday night. Oh yeah.


We started moving things on Sunday the 27th. It.was.long.and.brutal. I still wasnt' feeling the best from something health related earlier in the week and we weren't sure who would be able to help us, but alas friends came and loaded and loaded and loaded the truck for us. Such a blessing. We had everything moved and in the new townhouse by Tuesday night.

However, on Wednesday I went back to the old house to check the mail and found out that we had some pieces of metal shelving still in the garage. I got it all to the car and as I put the last piece in the car, I pulled my hand back and sliced my right middle finger open. To.the.bone.

The last load folks! The last load. Only I could do something like that. With blood gushing out with every heartbeat and Jules starting to freak out, I knew I needed to get to the ER. I called my dad since Drew was working and I knew he could get there faster than Drew could and he met us at the ER. I didn't want to traumatize Jules anymore than she already was. My dad took care of Jules and I was taken to a room where they got my bleeding under control. It was a clean cut into the bone. How lovely. After a while the doc came in and told me she was giving me 2 stitches and a tetanus shot. A what. Oh yes a shot. How I have come to hate shots. But I didn't want my arm falling off either.

All while this was going on, Mary was texting me about coming over the next day. I told her that I was in the ER with a cut finger and would call her later. Bless her heart - guess who showed up 20 minutes later to be with me. Such a tender-hearted treasure that girl is.

She kept Jules busy with my dad for a while and thankfully that is when I received my tetanus shot. Not too bad....or so I thought. I could barely do anything with that arm 2 days later - allergic reaction? Oh yes. With a temp and sickness to go along with it. Fun times!

The girls came in right as I was getting loaded up with Lidocaine and watched intently as I got my stitches. I mean Mary wants to be a vet and Jules wants to be a Doctor, so they need to know these things....seriously though, I didn't want them in there, but they both wanted to be near me so bad, that I didn't argue. Plus I was pretty woozy and dizzy and just wanted to sleep at that point.

Anywho, once I was stitched up, I was on my way. But wait, I had a car full of evil metal and no where for Mary to sit. Oh how I love my dad. He loaded up Mary in his car and took her to our house and made sure we made it safely. Love that man. And I love Mary. She took such good care of me that week. It's amazing how much you take your hand for granted. I didn't get the unpacking done that I wanted, but I got in some good family time.

Stitches are out now and there is just a small scar. So all is well again....until the next clumsy thing I do! :)

Welcome Baby Olivia Mae!

My friend Veronica had a new baby girl on Thursday June 24th! Genevieve is now a proud and happy big sister!

We were ever so lucky to have Genevieve stay with us while Veronica was in the hospital and Jules loved having one of her BFF's over to spend the night!!

And of course now she does nothing but beg for her own baby Olivia. In fact all babies in our house have now been named "Olivia".

Some day child, some day....

Julianna's Family Birthday Party

I know these pics are almost a month old, but I am putting them up here for Grandma's and Aunt's to see!

We celebrated Julianna's 4th birthday with our families on Saturday the 19th. We weren't moving into our new townhome until the following weekend, so we had it there (hence the camping chairs in the background). It was fun and the cake was delish as usual!

Birthday girl - all ready to celebrate!

Mom, she loved, I mean LOVED the new unicorn! Sits on her bed everynight.

Blew em' all out with one breath!

Baby Fletcher joined us for the festivities! I think he was the hit of the party!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We are Alive...

...slightly bruised, beat up, eaten up (by spiders and mosquitos) stitched up and exhausted, but we are alive. The move was BRUTAL on both of us and we are still trying to recover -my stitches come out today - so I will post more later as I can barely type. But we are here and we are good. I will post pics and updates from the past couple of weeks as soon as I can and as soon as it doesn't take me an hour to type a paragraph! :) Hope everyone had a safe, happy and dry 4th!