Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Heart Soccer!

Saturday was Mary's first soccer game. And while she was not too thrilled at the beginning, by the end, I think she had a great time!

And little did I know that there was a wild, crazy, yelling soccer mom deep inside of me! This game is exciting and it is filled with so much action. I can't believe how much I got into it!! It was just great!

Drew was home with Jules who was sick most of the weekend, so he didn't get to see Mary (or me) in action, but I warned him that he was in for a treat at her next game!!!


amain said...

You GO you wild soccer Mom!!
Just don't get fouled by the ref (hee,hee,hee)

angelasustala said...

Soccer is a really fun sport to watch! We love going to Jake's games - even Jordan and Jadyn get in on the 'cheering!' Enjoy the season!

Lori Eilers said...

Send me her schedule so I can catch a game!