Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun filled birthday weekend!

The next few posts are filled with lots of fun and pictures as we celebrated Julianna's 3rd birthday! It was great fun having my mom and step-dad here and just being able to take some time to spend with the girls and with Drew.

You know me, I am never without my camera. So, there are PLENTY of pictures documenting our weekend. Hope you enjoy some of them!!

All Jules Wanted....

....was to go bowling for her birthday! So, that is exactly what we did! She did so great and was actually pretty good. She wanted to do it all by herself and didn't want any help. Both girls bowled without any bumpers and did really well. By the end, they both tied with a score of 46. Not bad at all!

Presents and......a new car!

Well folks, the new car for Julianna was a hit! After opening her gifts from Mary and Grandma and Grandpa, we surprised her with the Mini Mini Cooper!

We had to give it to her inside since it was raining. And, well, she took off in it almost knocking down Grandma LiLi in the process. Mom has a bruise to show for it, but she got the hang of it and once she was able to get it outside, she was off! She loves it and we had a blast wathing her drive it around the park. Could she be any more adorable in it!?!?

Now big sis knows how to give the perfect gift. Babies! Mary gave Julianna twins - a boy and a girl. Needless to say Jules was thrilled!

What does the daughter of a chef need? Well her own Chef's outfit of course. Too bad it didn't come with pants.....
The car!

Birthday Trip to the Zoo!

We tried to think of something fun that Julianna would love to do for her birthday this year. We had planned to go to the Children's Museum in Omaha for the day, but by the time we paid for a van rental, gas, food and museum costs it would be a small fortune. So it seemed smarter to just stay close to home. We had such a great time at the Blank Park Zoo last year on her birthday, that we decided to do it again. And it was FREE since our membership we bought last year didn't expire until the end of the month!

It was another great day for the zoo. Jules loved riding around in her new wagon and Mary just loves animals in general, so they were both happy!


Jules had a blast running around looking at everything!

Mary took this great picture of Julianna's favorite fish. It was pink and purple - her 2 favorite colors!

I think Tom has just as much fun as the girls!

Both girls got to feed the giraffes. I couldn't believe how easily Jules fed him. When we left, she said that she wanted a pet giraffe to bring home!
The show this summer is the "Bird Man" He has been featured on David Letterman and the Tonight Show. The show was great and many of the birds flew right over Julianna's head. She thought it was so cool!
We timed everything perfectly. Right as we were getting ready to leave it started raining. Thankfully Julianna had her new umbrella ready to go. (Thanks Aunt Co!)

Guess who had a long day and conked out on the way home? We were barely out of the zoo and she was out. Please notice the drool down her arm....I like to think of this as a good sign of a great day!

Birthday Morning!

The morning of Julianna's birthday was the morning Lauren (aka Aunt LaLa) was leaving to head back to Texas. So we met at the Machine Shed (go ahead, be jealous) for breakfast to see her before she left. Jules LOVES her Aunt LaLa and is already missing her. She couldn't stop hugging and kissing her before she left. It was nice to spend some time with her and we appreciate that she drove 12 hours each way to come and see Jules for her birthday!
Love you Aunt LaLa!