Tuesday, August 30, 2011

State Fair 2012

We were blessed with free tickets this year, so we headed to the Fair after work one day and took in as much as we could.  Anymore we just go for Jules and let her do the things that she wants to do.  It was a fun evening, but I am glad the Fair only comes once a year.  Traffic is C.r.a.z.y.!  And since I work on the same street as the fairgrounds, it was a little tricky getting to and from work most days!

We started out at Little Hands on the Farm like we always do.  I love to see her grow each year through these pictures!

 Then we went to see all of the baby animals.  Thank goodness there was a lot of hand sanitzer around to use....because they were SMELLY!!!!  Jules loved them though and we were able to watch the beginning of a new goat being born.  I thought it was really gross, but she was fascinated by it.  She would haev sat there all night if we would have let her!  :)
 Baby piggies born a couple of days before.

 This was Julianna's favorite exhibit.  The fresh veggies.  She saw this display and said 'Oh I could just eat that all up!"  I love this kid and I am so thankful that her favorite things to eat are fresh fruits and vegetables!
 It was declared one of the best days of her life.......because she got to meet Clifford!  She LOVES Clifford!  I mean loves him.  Reads all of his books, watches the show and has plenty of Clifford and Friends stuffed animals.  I knew the moment I saw him there that she would go running towards him.  A far cry from the child who was scared of every character at Disneyland earlier this year!  :)

Mini Family Vacay - Part Two!

The next day we headed to the airport to pick up my step-dad and drove 2 hours to Columbia.  What a beautiful town!  We totally fell in love with it and can't wait to go back!  ;)

We had a nice dinner with Tom's family at his sister Laura's house. We haven't seen Laura and David since our wedding 7 years ago!  His sister Michelle was also there with her family.  I haven't seen Michelle and Eric since their wedding over 10 years ago!  It was nice to finally meet their son Liam and they were glad to finally meet Drew and Jules.  It was a great night filled with lots of laughter and hilarious stories!  :)

On Sunday we headed back over and Drew made his famous Creme Brulee French Toast for everyone.  Delish!  And they were all impressed.  :)  We spent the rest of the day with them and then toured the town a bit before we left.  Again - LOVE that place!
Aunt Laura and Aunt Michelle were so sweet and each bought Julianna a gift since they were meeting her for the first time.  :)  Very thoughtful!  And of course they knew just what Jules would like! 
 Liam showing off his "Jedi" mind tricks!  :)
 Jules and the new love of her life - Cousin Emily.  She was attached the second she met her!  And how could you not be - Emily is amazing and so much fun! 

 Jules and the other love of her life - Papa Tom!  She LOOOOOOOOOVES him so much!  And they are pretty adorable together!  :)

 My Uncle David and Aunt Laura!~ 
 Sad to leave. :(  No worries!  We will be back soon!
 My Aunt Michelle, Uncle Eric and Liam!  :)
 I had to post this picture.  It just cracked us all up seeing the size difference between my Uncle and Drew.  :)
 Jules and her new buddy Cosmo.  She was t.e.r.r.i.f.i.e.d. at first when she met him, but quickly warmed up and was in love by the time we left! 
 And....two of my favorite goofballs.  :)
GREAT weekend and a great way to end the summer before school started! 

Mini Family Vacay - Part One!

Whew!  I have some catching up to do on my blog!  :)  A couple of weekends ago we took a quick trip down to Kansas and Missouri.  My step-dad was coming in to the KC airport to visit his family in Columbia, MO for the week and Drew and I decided to pick him up and go with him!  We headed down to KC a day early and had some family fun.  We spent the day at the Deanna Rose Farmstead. If you have little ones and have never been - it is a MUST.  The place was amazing, fun and cheap!  We spent the majority of the day there and only spent $16.00!  It was awesome! 

 Old School House

 They had apple trees all over and each one produced a different kind of apple.  Jules was fascinated by all of them!

 She was able to "mine" for "gold" and other treasures.  This was one of my favorite parts of the day.  She found quite a few rocks and proudly has them on display in her room!  :)

 Anxiously waiting to.......
 .....ride her first horse!
She was a little nervous at first, but once she got on "cowboy" she was LOVING it!  She kept wanting to go back.  :) 

 She fed baby goats, but was a little too scared to go into the pen with them.  Good thing.  We saw them jump on a lady wearing all white and well she looked like swamp thing by the time they were done with her!  :)

 The place was just beautiful.  Lots of gardens and different animals.  This is their gorgeous butterfly garden.  We had a nice time there just taking in the beauty. 

Again, it was a perfect day.  Drew and I both said that this was one of the best days as a family.  I can't wait to go back - hopefully this fall when they have their pumpkin patch ready!  :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!!!!!

Julianna started Kindergarten today!!!   She was such a big girl and there were no tears......from either of us.  :) :)

We are blessed that she is coming to Stowe right now.  So I get to see her everyday.  She has already been in to see me, as she is the office helper for the day.  And I have already been into her classroom to tell her teacher something.  She is doing great. I peeked on her as she was recess and she was chasing all of the boys and had a crew of girls following her every move.  Not sure how I feel about that, but at least she is having fun and loving every minute of it!  :) 

All ready for the day!

 Putting her lunch in the office fridge.  There are some perks to having your mom work at the school!  :) 
 Jules and her teacher Mrs. Bainbridge.  I think she is the reason Jules was able to get up this morning.  She loves her and could not wait to see her!

 Jules and her proud Daddy!
 And her proud Mama.  LOVE this girl! 
(Please pardon the hot sweaty face - I had just been helping 6 new families register for school.  Nothing like waiting until the last second!)