Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weekly Update...

I figured since I am not too good about posting daily, or even weekly, I had better do something about that. So I will still post about big things that happen, and will post a weekly update too!

This week has been pretty tame compared to the previous. Still waiting to see what is going to happen with Drew's job. Have some other things in the works, but I will post about those if and when they happen. :o)

We have Mary this weekend and I can't wait! Man, I love that kid. She is so great and really such a blessing to me. Especially since I had Julianna. I mean I loved Mary before, but until I had Jules, I did not understand a Mother's love. Now I get it. I love being her step-mom and being able to spend time with her is my favorite part of the week!

Julianna is STILL NOT walking. But she is finally standing on her own! She surprised us with it on Monday night. Now she does it just to get us excited, then plops right down and gives us a look that says "I'm not going anywhere just yet" She is too cute for words. My favorite time of day with her is in the car on the way to Pleasant Hill every morning. We tune into KLOVE and I look back and always see her head bouncing back and forth to the music and singing along. She loves to sing and dance. Plus she is always making the most hilarious, cheesy grin (pictured below). I am hoping to get her pictures taken next week, but my fear is she will grin like this in all 0f them. I guess that wouldn't be so bad though, because it is stinkin' cute!

As for me, things are going well. My lia sophia business is really booming and I am excited about that. I am still looking for something that I could possibly do at home a couple of nights a week. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know! As for everything else, the big thing I am trying to do right now is get some decent sleep. It is hard running non-stop 12 hours a day and then waiting for Drew to get home around 8 or 9 and wanting to spend some time with him. We usually don't make it to bed until around midnight or later. For some reason I get a 2nd wind around 10 p.m. and don't wind down until much later. Very Frustrating. We are trying to work on getting to bed sooner, though it is hard for me to sacrifice my snuggle time with my hubby. :o)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

10 Things about me....

I have been tagged to list 10 things about myself:

1. I am madly, madly in love with my husband. Just have one conversation with me and you will know he is my one and only, my everything. I am so blessed and could not ask for someone more wonderful.

2. My daughter Julianna is the greatest thing I have ever done (though, Drew helped!) :o)

3. Don't come near me at work until I have had my coffee or diet coke, or both. I need a dose of caffeine first thing in the morning, or I will NOT get through the day here!

4. I am very close to my family. I talk to my mom at least 5 times a day. I have the greatest sisters and brother ever and we are all amazingly close to each other. I love them dearly!

5. I love to create and try new things. You will more than likely get a homemade card from me at some time in your life.

6. I LOVE jewelry. I have WAY too much, but add more to my collection every month. I guess it helps that I sell lia sophia, so I can supplement my obsession at a reduced cost!!! (my husband loves that)

7. I have a degree in Marketing and Design. Most of my friends will not make a design decision without consulting me first. I love it and I love helping people make their living areas comfortable and attractive!

8. I have AMAZING friends. They truly are the best!

9. I LOOOOOOVE road trips. Give me a full tank of gas, some snacks for the road and I am in heaven. We love to just get in the car and drive. Drew and I have a pretty simple dream. To buy an RV and travel the open road when we retire. Can't think of anything better than seeing where the day takes you with my husband at the wheel.

10. I have the greatest step-daughter in the world. She is the reason Drew and I are together. I am so blessed to be her "other" mother.

Well it looks like everyone I know who has a blog has been tagged, so..............

I challenge Rochelle Wallace to set up her own blog - invite us into your world - and make your first post "10 Things About Me" or you can go with "10 Things I Love about Adrian" :o)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Me and my gals......

I have some really great friends in my life. My two closest are my friends Rochelle and Annette. Such wonderful and fabulous girls. When we get together, you know there is fun to be had! We met for lunch yesterday and it was so hard to get in 2 weeks of catching up in an hour.

My girls are so wonderful because they will listen with an attentive ear and always offer the best advice, comfort or reality check a girl could ask for.

Both are such strong, successful, beautiful women. Such an encouragement to me and my family.

Thank you Ro and A for being the greatest of friends. I love you both dearly!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My blog....

I finally had a little time to play around with my blog yesterday. So I changed the format and colors around and added a couple of pictures. I think it looks a lot better, though I am still trying to add more things.

We are working on getting my office set up at home. For those of you who have been to our house, I am sure you are wondering where I could possibly put an "office" - well my parents are taking Mary's queen bed for my brother and we are buying her a bunk bed, or daybed - haven't decided yet, and we are rearrainging her room, so half can be my office and the other half will have her bed, dresser and bookcase. We decided that her big room was only getting used 15 days a month, so we had find a way to better utilize it. So it will be our office for my lia sophia business, some other things I am going to try and do and our catering business. I can't wait to get it set-up and running!!!

The new lia sophia catalog is here!

So many new and beautiful things in the new catalog. I can't wait to start wearing them! Get your wishlists ready! You can check the new catalog on my website at

I will be having an Open House at the beginning of August to showcase the new products and will be selling a few of the retired items at a nice discount!!! I will post more once I decide on the date!

Happy looking!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Another week is gone...

I have got to get better at this blogging thing. We are just so busy that I barely have time to think let alone get my thoughts down.

We have been sick in the Stinson household this week. It all started with Jules getting sick in the night last Friday. Drew and I get up with her, get her bathed, her sheets stripped, bed re-made, fresh clothes on, and.......she gets sick again. This time in our bed. So we strip those, get her BACK in the bath, changed again, and.....she does it again! This continues until about 5 in the morning. Thankfully her 1 year check-up was that day, so we took her in and they thought it was either her reaction to regular milk, or she had some sort of virus. After 4 shots and a grueling episode of taking her blood. I take her home to dote upon her for the rest of the day.

What is the typical reaction a mother has when one of her children is sick? Lots of hugs and kisses and snuggling. So......guess who got sick on Sunday?!? Oh yeah, it was me. Sicker than a dog. So evidently it wasn't the milk. She had a virus. I stayed home from work on Monday and Tuesday and just layed in bed. No place else I could be. Was better by Wed, but still just vegged most of the day, then went to see Fireworks at my in-laws. They live across the street from Wakonda Golf and Country Club, so we are able to sit out on their front lawn and enjoy the show!!! It was a great night and I was so thankful to be feeling better!

Now it is time for the weekend. Drew has the entire weekend off, so it will be great to have him home!! We are off to a wedding and the Joan Jett concert tomorrow night! Can't wait for our much deserved date night!!!