Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It was a HOT State Fair!

The Stinson family decided to go to the Fair on the hottest day ever!!!! (Not really, but it sure felt like it). It was just doomed from the get go. We find parking in the Fairgrounds, but it is literally a mile trek to the gate. By then we are all working up a pretty good sweat and Jules has this glazed, pained look on her face. We decide to head right for the Varied Industries bldg. to meet up with my sister Courtney. We circled the bldg twice trying to find the booth she was at, and only by some stroke of luck do I stop in front on it to wait for Drew and the girls and Courtney grabs me. We decide to get lunch with her - but not before her and I buy some new rockin' shades - I mean they were 'cheaper' if you bought two pairs, so how could we resist?
Jules tried her first corndog - I think it was too hot for her to make a valid opinion on it though! Mary got fresh fruit - Jules did too, and I got a porkchop on a stick and all of a sudden, I am not feeling well and spend the next hour going between bathrooms. I just think it was the heat, but I was not feeling well. I didn't really eat much the rest of the day. Thankfully we brought our own cooler of water (oh how I love the stroller on a day like this!) and that kept us all hydrated through the day.

We didn't end up doing or seeing much, except people watching. We found the best shaded bench in front of the Ag bldg and parked it there for a good half hour. Then we headed off to the frisbee booth and had Mary make her annual spin-art frisbee. She made one for Jules this year too, so she can start sharing in the tradition. They turned out pretty cute. After that, Drew and I looked at each other and said - let's save the rest of our money and go out for a nice dinner to celebrate his new job he was going to the next day. So after only 4 hours at the Fair, we packed it up and headed home. Well after the mile trak back to the car and a freak out session by me. Something about the heat makes me SO irritable and impatient!! Thankfully I have a husband that knows that is just who I am and takes it all in stride.

When we got home, I made everyone take showers and we just crashed for the rest of the day. We decided we were too exhausted to go anywhere for dinner, so we ordered some fabulous pizza and enjoyed the rest of the day - in our nice air-conditioned home! :o)

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Anonymous said...

How brave of you to go!! I DREAD the fair (crowds, heat, etc)!! In fact, this year we did not take the kids. We just went for a concert. :)