Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So excited!

There is some excitement in our house this week and it involves this.....

We are taking Jules to see it on Friday night. She can't wait...o.k. I admit it, I can't either!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Baby it's cold outside.....

The New Love of Julianna and Mary's Life!

The girls got to see Baby Reagan last week and are even more in love with her! I couldn't stop kissing her and it made me wish even more that this may be the month we would have some good news. Jules keeps asking for a little brother or sister. I am really hoping we could surprise her with that news at Christmas this year!

The New Love of Drew's Life!

So Drew's birthday and Christmas came a little early this year.

Here is the latest edition to his man room (A Krups Premium Beertender Draught Keg)- well it is actually on our kitchen counter right now, but it will hopefully make it to the man room once Iowa Football is done for the season!!!

Thanks Mom!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Jules loves to draw and while I love a toddlers art, Jules is really starting to be able to write and draw things that resemble something. We have been working on some letters and she is getting good at writing the letters C, E, F, H, M, O & Q.

She is really into drawing "smiley faces" and this weekend she drew one that actually looks like a face! Too cute!

Our little blue fairy

I can't help but post these pics. Mariah and I went shopping last weekend and I found this costume for $4.00! Since playing dress-up is the name of the game every day at our house, I love a good clearance bargain!!


And yes, I realized I had the wings on upside down AFTER I took the pics, oh well. :)


Jules has a best friend and her name is....KEATON!!! Jules loves whenever we spend time with the Chapman family (as do the rest of us) and it is a joy to watch the two of them together!

She also loves spending time with her friend Genevieve. Jules and Vivi are only a few months apart and Jules went to her b-day party on Saturday. It was cute to see them play together. We need to do it more often!!

Birthday Girl Genevieve!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There's no place like home....

....and that is pretty much where we should have stayed on Friday night! It was FREEZING out. So, we decided to just take 'Dorothy' around to the grandparents' homes and keep her out of the cold as much as possible. We even made a stop to see Baby Reagan. Jules is absolutely in love with her and I have to admit, it does make me want to give Julianna a little brother or sister. She was just so adorable with her!

Of course most of these are for Grandma, but enjoy!

She LOVED her outfit and was dancing and twirling in it all night!

Do you see what is in Julianna's hand? She is definitely Drew's child. She was offered candy, cookies, gum - basically anything she wanted by all of her grandparents. And, what did she choose? String Cheese and Grandma Sue's, Tapioca Pudding at Grandpa Tonsi's and a bowl of cereal at Grandma & Grandpa Howard's! I still don't think she has touched any of her candy. She DEFINITELY doesn't take after me when it comes to sweets!

Grandpa Tonsi!

Too cute - looking at Grandpa Bush!
Look at that grin. She is SO in love with Baby Reagan!