Thursday, July 21, 2011

11 days

11 days folks.  11 days.  That is how long I have been unable to take a bath.  :(  Now I have showered everyday of course (Thank you Sue and Dad for letting us make your water bill higher this month), but this exhausted mama needs her bathtime. 

It is a nightly ritual I look forward to and what keeps me sane.  A long bath and the latest copy of People magazine are pretty much all that I need to keep me a happy woman.  And, well 11 days without one is slowly

We are now waiting on some gasket to be installed on our water heater in order for it to produce hot water.  One thing after another.  Drew is ready to blow up and I am about to take our neighbor up on his offer to bathe and shower at his house. 

Fingers crossed that I will be more sane by this evening.  Please Lord. 

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