Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things that make me smile today....

* Drew and Jules just dropped breakfast off to me at work and I got some love from both of them :)
* My house is clean (enough)

* 59 cent fountain drinks from QT

* Friends with swimming pools

* I got more work done in the past 2 days, than I can in 2 weeks during the school year

 * My Mom and Tom will be here TOMORROW!!!! I am looking forward to a week of fun, good food and a little shopping!

* My cousin is getting married on Saturday. Going to be a fun filled weekend with family and friends. We are staying at the cutest lodge in Audubon, IA. Love it when we can get away as a family and enjoy being with more family! :)

* And finally - Jules in her Mama's shoes.  I love to catch of glimpse of her walking around in my shoes.  I remember doing this when I was a kid.  I could not WAIT to grow into my mom's shoes.  She always had the coolest shoes.  A pair in every color that went with every outfit (that was all the rage in the 80's). Jules feels the same way and says that she can't wait to be just like me when she grows up.  Of course I want more for her, but I will take the love and adoration while I can!  :)

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