Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Week with Grandma Lili and Papa Tom!

We headed to Omaha to pick up Mom and Tom the day before the wedding.  We had a great family weekend and then came home on Sunday.  On Monday we took Jules to the zoo.  But nothing like it would be later in the week.  Mom and Tom brought the heat with them, but the humidity.  Oh Lord.  It was ridiculous.  We made it through the zoo on Monday in a little over an hour.  Then met Grandpa and his friend for dinner that night.  Oh, did I mention that we came home Sunday to a gas leak in our house?  Yep.  And as of today it STILL isn't fixed.  So we spent the majority of the week without hot water and had to shower at Sue and Dad's and Granpa Tonsi's.  What a lovely time to have guests! 

 On Tuesday I worked all day and made a nice Iowa dinner for Mom and Tom that night - BLT's and fresh sweet corn!  Heaven!  We have pretty much had fresh picked corn every night this week.  LOVE it! 

On Wednesday, Drew and I my Grandpa spent the day making my Grandpa's famous Polenta.  Our house smelled g.o.o.d all day long!  And dinner was delish!  Hoping Drew will make it more often now! 

On Thursday everyone waited around all day for the leak to be fixed.  It was, but not really, so it was kind of a wasted day.  Drew, Jules and Tom had planned to take her to a movie that morning, but had to change plans while waiting for the guy to come out to fix the leak.  So Mom, Tom and I took her to see Mr. Poppers Penguins that night.  Cute movie! 

On Friday Mom and I took Jules shopping for new school clothes.  But we got some good deals, so that made up for it!  :)  And of course, no visit with Grandma would be complete without a stop at Build-A-Bear.  Oh yes.  3 times in one month for this little girl.  Spoiled much?  I think so.  :)  So we now have a new "puppy" in our house named Sally. :) 
 Friday night we headed to my Aunt Ginny's to celebrate my Grandpa's 83rd birthday!  We had a nice night celebrating the man who brought us all to be!  :) 

 He loved his gift from Jules.  A little something for his garden.  :) 

 And look who came!  The bride and groom!  Jules again was in love with Britta!  They are moving to Omaha next month so Britta can attend Creighton, so we are hoping to sneak in a few visits with them when we head to the Omaha Zoo this fall! 

 Tom and my Aunt (yes you read that right) Angelina

On Saturday we loaded up the car and headed back to Omaha to take Mom and Tom to the airport.  Someone wasn't too happy they were leaving. :(  We are hoping to see Tom again next month as he comes to Missouri to see his side of the family.  It was a nice week, but we are exhausted!  Drew woke up with hives all over his body yesterday and we spent most of the day in the ER trying to get them under control.  We are looking forward to a regular week and trying to stay cool!

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