Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We had a GREAT 4th!  We spent the day at the Chapman's pool swimming and baking soaking in the sun! Drew had to still take it easy, but Jules and I enjoyed every part of the pool.  It was the perfect day for swimming!  Jules was thrilled because there were so many kids there.  Keaton's cousins from California were in town and she had a great time that day playing with everyone!

 The girls entertained us all day long with the dance routines, plays and all around goofiness.  Here is Keaton as Lady Gaga at the pool. :)
 Jules and Lady Gaga!

              Jules did really well in the pool.  She tried a couple new things and went all the way under 8 times. Just ask her, she will tell you!  :) 

 Cutest picture of the day!
 Fletcher was pretty exhausted from all of the activities. :)
 We all headed out to watch fireworks that night.  Jules didn't last too long before we had to leave.  It was a LONG day, so we caught the fireworks as we were driving by them on the way home.  All in all it was a wonderful day.  So thankful to have the friends we have.  We are very blessed the Chapman's.  Not too often you find a friends where both the husbands and wives get along so well.  :)  Hope everyone else had a safe and happy 4th!

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