Monday, December 13, 2010


~ Finally starting to catch up!
~ Finally posted some new blog entries.
~ Things are finally starting to slow down for us.
~ Finally have the house decorated for Christmas and I can't wait to post pictures.
(Pictures taken with my new Fuji Camera!!!)
~ Finally no more grainy, barely there photos.
~ I finally have a camera I can explore and try new things with!
~ I finally have some Christmas Presents wrapped!
~ We finally had a weekend at home
~ We finally got some snow (not so thrilled about that one though)
~ And last, but not least - Drew FINALLY got his custom brace made for his foot. He is walking and functioning SO much better and it has only been a week! At one point he was actually running just because he could! We are hoping after a couple of months in the brace he will FINALLY be healed!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

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