Monday, December 20, 2010

Stinson Family Tree Decorating

The two goofballs (a.k.a. - Jules and Mary) and I had a great time decorating the tree this year! After a minor spider incident (what do you expect after being in storage for a year) Drew put the tree up for us and we got to decorating it! Jules and Mary got into the Christmas spirit and we had all of the bulbs, bows and ornaments up in no time!! My perfectly coordinated tree is slowly being over-run by home made and more sentimental ornaments and I am loving it. Every year we have new pieces to add to it and the memories they provide are priceless. :)
Jules the elf - all ready to decorate the family tree!

I LOVE these girls so very much!
More silliness - just trying to pass the time while Drew sets up the tree!

Mary did a great job decorating the high spots
Jules did a great job decorating the lower spots.
Julianna's new ornament for this year - the letter "J"
Mary's new ornament - the letter "M"

Here are some of my favorite ornaments!

The finished product!!
Happy Decorating to all!

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Michelle Ekstrum said...

I just noticed in this post how much more the girls are starting to look alike the older J gets!