Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Annette!

On Friday night I enjoyed a much needed Girls Night Out with Annette, Rochelle and a few others. We were celebrating Annette's "non" birthday. We went to the Blue Moon Dualing Piano Bar. It was a lot of fun and the food was really good.

Now, I NEVER drink, but I decided to let loose a little bit and enjoy a key lime martini Friday night on behalf of Rochelle who is pregnant and couldn't enjoy it.

Here I am about to enjoy my drink....

....and here is Rochelle a little sad about the situation. Too bad I couldn't finish the thing. Too strong - I am not a big fan of the taste of alcohol, which is why I hardly ever drink anything!

The three amigos. You know when we get together, good times are to be had!!!



amy said...

Oh my, that cake looked fabulous..where did you get it at? Or did your fabulous chef hubby make it for you? :)

chefstinsonfamily said...

Oh it was devine! It is the Almond on Almond cake from Let Them Eat Cake in Valley Junction. It is amazing! I was actually craving it this morning. Thank goodness I didn't have any near me, or it would have been bad!

Mrs. W said...

OMG that pic of me and my water glass cracks me up! That was such a fun night! :)

Nurse Nettie said...

Thank you SOOO much for everything! It was SUCH a fun night-- and I can hardly wait for your bday GNO, and another GNI to just catch up! Thank you so much for the awesome gifts-- and Jules, thank YOU for the gifts too! Love ya! xo