Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chef's Frugal Wife- Pork Verde

This is one of the first recipe's I ever tried for Drew. It is Mary's favorite and she asked that I make it this weekend and post it on here.


Pork Loin - Size is up to you
*2.5lb pork loin at Hy-Vee on sale for a little under $5.00

1 can of diced green chiles
*$0.89 for the Hy-vee brand. Sometimes they are on sale

1 garlic bulb
*$0.50 at Hy-Vee

1/2 jar of pace picante sauce
*I substituted the Hy-Vee brand and it tasted just the same - $1.59

1/2 onion
*$0.59 at Hy-Vee

Taco Seasoning
*(as I mentioned before, I bought the large shaker at Wal-Mart for around $3.50 and it comes in really handy for a recipe like this where you just need a few dashes)
Garlic Salt


Place meat in slow-cooker. Sprinkle Garlic salt and pepper over the top of meat. How ever much you want on there is up to you. Add a few shakes of taco seasoning. Use garlic press on entire bulb of garlic and sprinkle over meat. Pour salsa and green chiles over meat. Chop onion and add to pot. Save the rest for later. Turn slow-cooker on high and cook for 6-7 hours.

Once everything is done cooking, take spoon and press through meat. This will shred it and it is ready to serve.

We put this on soft taco shells and add cheese, onions and taco sauce. You can also eat it without the shells. Either way it is AMAZING!!! I have found that 6-7 hours is the perfect time for it to cook. Any longer than that and it will be a little dry. This amount of meat made more than enough for our family with plenty left over for the next day. I am not a big fan of left-overs, but this is SOOOO good the next day. I just re-heated it and put it over tortilla chips and made some pork nachos. Delish!

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amy said...

That looks awesome, Adrian...I will have to try it out! :)