Monday, April 20, 2009

Princess Overload!

Julianna and I decided to kill some time on Saturday by going to TJMAXX in Ankeny. Now you all know about Julsie's Cinderella addiction, well it has poured over into an all out Disney Princess addiction. The latest......Snow White. My mom and I have been looking for a Snow White dress for her on-line, but they are pretty pricey. Well we were looking at the girls clothes on Saturday and there on a rack was the perfect Snow White dress. Jules saw it and went nuts. When I looked closely at it I realized it was one of the ones on-line I had seen for around $50.00. This one had a price tag of.....$16.99!!! So we grabbed it and went on our way. Such a deal.

After that we headed to the Shoe Carnival and looked around. Somehow Julianna had it in her head that we were looking for Snow White shoes. She was SO disappointed when I told her that they didn't have them and we would have to look for them elsewhere.

I had left my phone in my car, so I wasn't able to call my mom right away and tell her of my find, so I called her once got in the car. I told her that I found the perfect Snow White dress and she said "what other dresses do they have" I told her they had all of the Disney Princess dresses. She said to go back in and get Julianna a new Cinderella dress for her b-day party and to let her pick out one more. So Julianna ended up coming home with 3 new Disney Princess dresses - Snow White, Cinderella and Belle.

And...the shoes to match all of them are on their way (mom found a shoe "boutique" with all of the shoes in it on-line that night.) My child is spoiled, I know, but she is pretty wonderful and deserves most of it! :o)

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