Monday, April 20, 2009

Go Cubs!

Drew went to Chicago over the weekend with his dad to take in a Cubs game. The tickets were our Christmas gift to his dad last year. They went to see the Cubs take on their main rivals - The St. Louis Cardinals. Drew said it was an amazing game, especially when they pulled through at the end it win it!! He called me from Wrigley Field right after they won. It was cool to hear the crowd and be a part of it, even it it was a small part! :o)

On Saturday they toured around the area where they stayed and went to Al Capone's grave and got some of the history of him and what he was all about. Drew loves gangster history, so he was in his element. After that they drove around finding some old Chicago firehouses. Drew's dad is a former Fire-Chief and loves to look at old buildings and learn the history of different firehouses throughout the country. After that they headed home, so Drew could be home with me and Julianna all day yesterday!

Here is a little something they brought back for Jules!

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