Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weekly Update...

I figured since I am not too good about posting daily, or even weekly, I had better do something about that. So I will still post about big things that happen, and will post a weekly update too!

This week has been pretty tame compared to the previous. Still waiting to see what is going to happen with Drew's job. Have some other things in the works, but I will post about those if and when they happen. :o)

We have Mary this weekend and I can't wait! Man, I love that kid. She is so great and really such a blessing to me. Especially since I had Julianna. I mean I loved Mary before, but until I had Jules, I did not understand a Mother's love. Now I get it. I love being her step-mom and being able to spend time with her is my favorite part of the week!

Julianna is STILL NOT walking. But she is finally standing on her own! She surprised us with it on Monday night. Now she does it just to get us excited, then plops right down and gives us a look that says "I'm not going anywhere just yet" She is too cute for words. My favorite time of day with her is in the car on the way to Pleasant Hill every morning. We tune into KLOVE and I look back and always see her head bouncing back and forth to the music and singing along. She loves to sing and dance. Plus she is always making the most hilarious, cheesy grin (pictured below). I am hoping to get her pictures taken next week, but my fear is she will grin like this in all 0f them. I guess that wouldn't be so bad though, because it is stinkin' cute!

As for me, things are going well. My lia sophia business is really booming and I am excited about that. I am still looking for something that I could possibly do at home a couple of nights a week. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know! As for everything else, the big thing I am trying to do right now is get some decent sleep. It is hard running non-stop 12 hours a day and then waiting for Drew to get home around 8 or 9 and wanting to spend some time with him. We usually don't make it to bed until around midnight or later. For some reason I get a 2nd wind around 10 p.m. and don't wind down until much later. Very Frustrating. We are trying to work on getting to bed sooner, though it is hard for me to sacrifice my snuggle time with my hubby. :o)

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