Thursday, July 19, 2007

10 Things about me....

I have been tagged to list 10 things about myself:

1. I am madly, madly in love with my husband. Just have one conversation with me and you will know he is my one and only, my everything. I am so blessed and could not ask for someone more wonderful.

2. My daughter Julianna is the greatest thing I have ever done (though, Drew helped!) :o)

3. Don't come near me at work until I have had my coffee or diet coke, or both. I need a dose of caffeine first thing in the morning, or I will NOT get through the day here!

4. I am very close to my family. I talk to my mom at least 5 times a day. I have the greatest sisters and brother ever and we are all amazingly close to each other. I love them dearly!

5. I love to create and try new things. You will more than likely get a homemade card from me at some time in your life.

6. I LOVE jewelry. I have WAY too much, but add more to my collection every month. I guess it helps that I sell lia sophia, so I can supplement my obsession at a reduced cost!!! (my husband loves that)

7. I have a degree in Marketing and Design. Most of my friends will not make a design decision without consulting me first. I love it and I love helping people make their living areas comfortable and attractive!

8. I have AMAZING friends. They truly are the best!

9. I LOOOOOOVE road trips. Give me a full tank of gas, some snacks for the road and I am in heaven. We love to just get in the car and drive. Drew and I have a pretty simple dream. To buy an RV and travel the open road when we retire. Can't think of anything better than seeing where the day takes you with my husband at the wheel.

10. I have the greatest step-daughter in the world. She is the reason Drew and I are together. I am so blessed to be her "other" mother.

Well it looks like everyone I know who has a blog has been tagged, so..............

I challenge Rochelle Wallace to set up her own blog - invite us into your world - and make your first post "10 Things About Me" or you can go with "10 Things I Love about Adrian" :o)

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