Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Birthday!

Monday was my (ahem) 31st birthday! It started out with a long night before as Jules was sick through the night. Drew ended up taking her to the Dr. and she was feeling better by the end of the day. I got off work early, and was able to spend some time with her, Drew and Mary.

I got some pretty fantastic gifts that day. My girlfriends surprised me with a travel bags filled with goodies for a road trip. The last bag had a large gift card to the Tanger Outlet mall! So we are going to plan a trip there later this summer. I was given specific instructions to NOT use the gift card for anything other than myself. So I will have to take along a little extra to spend on the girls!

Drew got me the new DKNY perfume I have been wanting along with a fun new purse. But the best gift of all was a hotel stay for me, myself and I at the Holiday Inn and Suites for next weekend! Drew is actually going to stay with me Friday night and then Saturday I have the whole day to shop, eat, read a book, relax and sleep. I can't wait to have some much needed R&R. Thank you to Sue and my grandparents for taking Jules, so this could happen!

Monday night we headed to one of my faves - Hickory Park - for dinner. Dinner was absolutely amazing and so was my free birthday dessert!

Thank you everyone for the gifts, cards, well wishes, emails, e-cards and facebook messages! I had a great day!

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Mrs. W said...

Hmm... I think I'd push someone out of the way for that dessert. :)I'm glad you had a good birthday!!