Tuesday, August 30, 2011

State Fair 2012

We were blessed with free tickets this year, so we headed to the Fair after work one day and took in as much as we could.  Anymore we just go for Jules and let her do the things that she wants to do.  It was a fun evening, but I am glad the Fair only comes once a year.  Traffic is C.r.a.z.y.!  And since I work on the same street as the fairgrounds, it was a little tricky getting to and from work most days!

We started out at Little Hands on the Farm like we always do.  I love to see her grow each year through these pictures!

 Then we went to see all of the baby animals.  Thank goodness there was a lot of hand sanitzer around to use....because they were SMELLY!!!!  Jules loved them though and we were able to watch the beginning of a new goat being born.  I thought it was really gross, but she was fascinated by it.  She would haev sat there all night if we would have let her!  :)
 Baby piggies born a couple of days before.

 This was Julianna's favorite exhibit.  The fresh veggies.  She saw this display and said 'Oh I could just eat that all up!"  I love this kid and I am so thankful that her favorite things to eat are fresh fruits and vegetables!
 It was declared one of the best days of her life.......because she got to meet Clifford!  She LOVES Clifford!  I mean loves him.  Reads all of his books, watches the show and has plenty of Clifford and Friends stuffed animals.  I knew the moment I saw him there that she would go running towards him.  A far cry from the child who was scared of every character at Disneyland earlier this year!  :)

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