Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!!!!!

Julianna started Kindergarten today!!!   She was such a big girl and there were no tears......from either of us.  :) :)

We are blessed that she is coming to Stowe right now.  So I get to see her everyday.  She has already been in to see me, as she is the office helper for the day.  And I have already been into her classroom to tell her teacher something.  She is doing great. I peeked on her as she was recess and she was chasing all of the boys and had a crew of girls following her every move.  Not sure how I feel about that, but at least she is having fun and loving every minute of it!  :) 

All ready for the day!

 Putting her lunch in the office fridge.  There are some perks to having your mom work at the school!  :) 
 Jules and her teacher Mrs. Bainbridge.  I think she is the reason Jules was able to get up this morning.  She loves her and could not wait to see her!

 Jules and her proud Daddy!
 And her proud Mama.  LOVE this girl! 
(Please pardon the hot sweaty face - I had just been helping 6 new families register for school.  Nothing like waiting until the last second!) 

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