Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's been a great day!

So today is Administrative Assistant's Day. Working for a school on a day like this, means multiple blessings throughout the day! When I came to work, my desk was filled with flowers, chocolate cake, soda, a spa certificate, jewelry, gift cards and lots of other goodies were delivered throughout the day.

One of my favorite surprises was my visit from my favorite Special Ed class - Lynamland! You can see their teacher's blog under my blog list to the right. :)

They all wrote me letters that said "We Love you Ms. Adrian" and also made me a crown that said "Queen for the Day" It was adorable. Seriously one of the best moments of my day!

I am very blessed to work with so many wonderful people and with so many amazing kids! Truly blessed.

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The Lynam's said...

Woot woot for you! And woot woot for Lynamland :)