Friday, November 7, 2008

Big Girl Day!

Yesterday was BIG GIRL DAY for Julianna. We have been working really hard on potty training with her. She tries her best, but we have had a few accidents. She is really good about going at her daycare providers house, so we decided that we would see how she would do in her Curious George undies all day yesterday. I packed her extra undies and clothes just in case.
Well....when I picked her up last night, she was still in the same clothes and Cara told me she didn't have an accident all day. She told her everytime she had to go! I was so proud of her! We continued at home and she did great all night. She is so proud to be such a big girl!

Her other feat for the day was finally getting rid of her "binky" (pacifier). I know, I know - why on earth does my 2 year-old still have a binky? Well, it is a hard thing to get rid of, especially when it really was the only thing that would calm her down at night. However, last night we talked about it and prayed with her about it and she decided that she was ready to send it off to the some babies that needed it.

And you know me....I was able to capture it all on my camera!

Envelope addressed to all the "Babies."

Jules - sending them all a little note....

One last use of the binky before it goes in the envelope.

Off it goes!

Bye Bye Binky!!

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Anonymous said...

Awh, look! She is such a BIG girl!!! What a cutie :)