Thursday, April 25, 2013

Feelin' the Love!

This week is Administrative Proffesional's Week!

I always forget how much I love working at a school during this week.  There are 5 of us in our school and we have been VERY spoiled all week!!

Lots of gift cards for coffee and food, treats, chocolate and small gifts. 

One of our favorite gifts was this beautiful poster made by the students in our Autism classroom.  Just the fact that they were willing to get their hands dirty and create this piece of art for us, means more than you can know.  We just cherish it!!!

Today our boss gave me some cash to be able to take all of the Secretaries out for lunch.  Someone else is taking on our duties for the time we are gone.  So nice!  We'll see if they can handle it while we are all gone!  Ha!!

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