Monday, January 7, 2013


I know, I know.  I never post on here anymore.  There are so many things I want to say and then when it comes time to type them, I am at a loss for words! 

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Another year of staying home and inside all day just the three of us.  It was great.  Though, we did feel the tug of missing our families this year.  We were not able to make it to Des Moines before Christmas, so we didn't get to share in the magic of watching everyone open the gifts we put so much thought and effort into and they didn't get that chance to watch us open ours.  It was different.  Hoping next year we will make it work to be in Des Moines or for others to come to our house!

I am still working on the pics of Christmas, so once I have those ready, I will post them.  Drew really surprised me this year with something that I have been wanting for years.  So I can't wait to post about that too!

We were very blessed to be able to have 11 days off together as a family.  I never take for granted the time we have together and I am so happy that we both have jobs in education and we are able to be off with Julianna during her breaks from school!  Such a wonderful blessing.

We slept, watched movies, made some great food, slept some more and vegged out most of the break.  Julianna wasn't feeling the best, so we laid low and got in some great rest and relaxation.  I am still not ready to be back to work, but only a couple more months until Spring Break!  :) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I promise in 2013 I will try to post more and write more.  ;)

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