Monday, January 28, 2013


I really haven't done an update on my precious Julianna lately.

I know I have said this before, but we are so blessed to have such a great kid.   She brings so much joy to our lives and I fall more in love with her everyday. 

She is thriving in First grade and loving everything that she is learning. 

She LOVES to read and I just can't believe how much she takes in and what she is able to read.  She amazes us each day with some new thing that she has learned. 

She has made lots of new friends this year and is enjoying getting to know new people.  She has worked really hard on overcoming her shyness and even offers a handshake if she meets you for the first time. 

She started Girl Scouts last fall and really loves it.  It is a committment from all of us, but it has really been worth it.  She had her first cookie sales earlier this month and set a goal to sell 100 boxes.  She turned in her form with over 150 boxes sold!  She was really proud of herself!

She is growing like a weed.  Last week her Dr. measured her at 4 feet 3 inches.  She is going to be tall like her Daddy!

He would love to see her more passionate about basketball, but the only sport she has interest in right now is......wait for it.....BOWLING!  :)  She just cracks me up!

She is obsessed with art and creating.  For Christmas, she got an art easel with paints, and lots of canvases.  She has had a blast painting and creating new art for our home.  Just last week Drew was talking to her about how math was his favorite subject and she told him - "I don't really care for Math.  Art is the only thing that speaks to me."  Ha!  I love it!

She love, love, loves Jesus.  She talks to Him each day and is always asking him how Grandpa Tonsi is doing.  She also talks to Grandpa Tonsi everyday.  She misses him so much, but knows that he is watching over her and helping to guide her in her daily walk.  Her faith is so adorable and so pure, I just marvel in it and I learn a lot from her.  :) 

Right now we are focusing on her helping out with more chores around the house.  She does a great job of doing anything that we ask, even if it takes a few gentle reminders.  She is GREAT at helping out if one of us isn't feeling well.  She has a nurturing heart and always wants to try and make you feel better.  And she has a wit that I have never seen in another 6 year old.  She just gets stuff and has an opinion about everything.  And she isn't afraid to voice it.  Don't watch a cooking show with her, she will tell you everything the chef is doing wrong and how her Daddy can do it so much better. 

She makes me laugh daily and makes me so grateful to be her mom.  I could go on and on about her, but I will leave it at she is doing great, she has adapted well to living here and seems to be having the time of her life right now. 

I look forward to watching her continue to grow and develop into an amazing person.  Again, we are so blessed! 

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