Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

This was our second year staying home just the three of us for Christmas.  We had a great time, but we really did miss all of our family in Iowa.  I think they missed us too, so we will see what happens next year! 

We lazed around most of the day on Christmas Eve, but did manage to get out for a little bit and go to my friend Dawn's house for dinner.  Drew wasn't feeling the best and said he still had some wrapping to do, so he stayed home. 

When we got home from Dawn's he had a GREAT present waiting for me!  :) 

We spent the rest of the night baking brownies and getting the house ready for Santa's arrival.  I love that Jules is still young enough to believe in the magic of Christmas and enjoys every moment.  After opening a few gifts and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas, we sent her off to bed and finished getting things ready.  Oh and built a Barbie Dream house. Have I ever mentioned what a good Daddy Drew is?!

Making Reindeer food!


 My surprise from Drew when we got home that night!!!! 

New Christmas PJ's.  You will notice in the next post that she does not have them on Christmas morning.  She had an episode of sickness in the middle of the night and she had to change.  Poor thing.  Or maybe we were lucky.  She didn't wake up until almost 9:30 Christmas morning, so we were all able to sleep in.  After staying up late to put together the Barbie Dream House, it was a bit of a blessing!! 

Her look of surprise is because she wanted this little puppy SO bad when we were at Cracker Barrel one night.  I told her she didn't need it, but snuck away and purchased it for her.  She was SO happy!  

Our Christmas Eve tradition for Jules is always a new pair of PJ's, one toy and a new movie. This year she received two movies - The Barbie Christmas Carol and The Flintstones Christmas Carol.  She watched them both and loved them!  :)  How can you not love the Flintstones?!?!

Getting everything ready for Santa and his Reindeer!

 Reindeer food was spread all over our back porch and gone by morning!  I think they loved it! ;)

 Our Stockings this year.  Still my favorite tradition!

All ready for Christmas Morning!  

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