Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have no words...

...I still can barely even think about what happened in Connecticut yesterday. When I saw the news, i just sat there and cried. My own precious baby was sitting in an elementary school where something like this could easily happen.

Why would someone do this?  To children?

Yesterday I left work early to attend Julianna's Christmas Program at her school and I cried through the whole thing as did other parents.  Reflecting on how lucky we are and thinking that we will hold them a little closer that night.

Last night Julianna had her friend spend the night.  I let them play, color, make a mess, jump on Julianna's bed and eat whatever they wanted.  I just wanted them to be kids and enjoy every minute of it.

Never take for granted one moment with your kids. We have been so blessed to have Julianna as our daughter and not a day goes by that we won't tell her that!

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