Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our little Cheerleader!

I know - once again, it has been a while since I posted.  We actually have so much going on, it just gets to be too much sometimes and I forget to post!

2 weeks ago marked one-year since we moved here!  I can't believe it!!!  It has been the fastest year of my life and one of the best.

This change was the best thing for our family and we count our blessings everyday that everything has just fallen into place since we moved.  We both have jobs we love, we have great friends, Jules is doing great in school and we are closer than ever.  We miss our Iowa family and friends, but we have been able to make frequent trips back, so that has really helped!!!

One of the biggest changes we have experienced since we moved, is Julianna coming out of her shell.  Part of it is her two best friends.  They love to do anything and everything and they include her in most of it, so it has really helped her become more confident and willing to try new things. 

Last weekend she tried something new and LOVED it!!!  CHEERLEADING! She attended a cheer clinic two weeks ago and  loved learning the cheers and being with all of the other girls. 

I had some of her friends over the week after the cheer clinic and they practiced their cheers and gave each other pointers. 

It all lead up to them cheering at the Football game on Friday night!  My Grandparents were able to come down from Des Moines and see her cheer and then spent the night with us.  It was such a special night. 

I will admit there were a few tears watching her out there doing something that made her happy and gave her confidence.  I just loved it!!!

She was a little nervous at first, but once she was there with her friends and having a blast, she didn't want it to end.  In fact as she was leaving the field when they were done, she asked Drew "Are we going back out for half-time?!?"  It was awesome.  But it was also cold, so as soon as she was done, we packed it up and headed out for dinner with G&G. 

All she could talk about at dinner was cheering and how much fun she had and how awesome she felt.  It was just so great to see!! 

Here are some pics of her big night!!!!  Could she be any cuter?!?

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