Monday, September 10, 2012

Julianna's first day of school!

O.k. this post is only a few weeks late...... :)

Julianna started 1st grade!  Even as I type that, I can't believe it.  My baby girl - a first grader! 

She LOVES her new teacher and was thrilled to see that her buddy Aaron was in her class.  Seated right next to her in fact! 

Sadly neither of the twins are in her class, but they still see each other plenty!

We have worked it out with their Mom and Grandpa that we will drop Julianna off to them in the morning and they will take her to school.  Then the twins' older sister goes to the school I work at, so she leaves with me after school is dismissed, then we pick up Jules and the twins and I take them all home. 

It was a HUGE blessing that this all worked out!  We were stressed when I first started this job because I have to be here by 7 each morning and Jules doesn't start school until 8:45 and the before school program was full, so we are SO thankful it all worked out!  :)

Anyway, here are some pics from her first day. Enjoy!

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