Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicago Trip - Museum Day!

On Friday we headed into the city and went to the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium.  We were so blessed because we were able to get into them both for free, thanks to a friend of mine from high school.  She works in the Chicago area and sent me a pass that allowed us free admission to both places!  It was awesome and saved us and easy $100.00!!!

The Field Museum was very cool and it was really neat to see Sue- the T-Rex.  I think that was the highlight of the day for me.  We explored and looked around at everything and then got lunch from a hotdog cart outside of the museum and made the short walk over to the aquarium.

Because of our pass, we were able to by-pass the long line to get in and walked right in!  It was great!  There were SO many people there.  I don't do well with crowds, but I managed to get through the aquarium without freaking out too much.

Jules loved watching the Beluga whales and the penguins.  But she was especially excited to see the Sharks! There were A LOT of people around when we were trying to look at them, so we didn't get great shots, but she still got to see enough to say that she would NEVER swim in the ocean!  :)

After we saw everything there was to see, we realized it was only 2:30 and we had plenty of time to head back to the hotel and swim for a while before meeting Bob and Diane for dinner that night.

So we thought.......traffic if Chicago, is horrendous.  While riding on the bus the day before, we were both like "oh yeah, I could live here - right in the city"  Well, we quickly back-pedaled on that thought after we drove in it.  It took FOR-EVA to get back to the hotel.  Almost 2 hours to be exact and it was less than 30 miles away from the city.  Um,

I called Bob and Diane and see when they wanted to do dinner and they said they were still in the city at Navy Pier, so we knew we would have PLENTY of time to swim.  So we swam for a while, Jules is still trying to learn to swim.  We don't swim very often, so she doesn't have a lot of times to practice.  But she got the hang of it pretty quickly and was trying to swim on her own before we left.  She went under a few times, but overall is doing really well!

That night we ate at Weber Grill.  Incredibly delicious.  Oh my word was it good!!!!

I was SO tired that night. I could barely function.  The hotel was wonderful, but the bed - not so much.  Jules ended up sleeping with Drew in the king sized bed and I slept on the pullout sofa bed.  It was terrible on my back, but not as bad as the bed.  It felt like sleeping on a hard piece of wood.  My back was definitely not doing well after the trip.  Anyway, we rigged the bed to work and give my back the support it needed and I was able to get some good sleep that night.

And boy did I need it, because we were going to walk A LOT the next day!!!! :)

View of the Sears Tower as we drove into the city. I know it is called something else now, but it will always be the Sears tower to me!! :)

Water wall outside of Soldier Field

My favorite pic of the day!  

There is an exhibit called the "Hall of Gems" - I thought it was filled with rocks and minerals.  Nope, it was filled with the most beautiful jewelry from every kind of stone.  AMAZING.  I was drooling and dreaming at the same time!  :)

Shedd Aquarium

Views from the aquarium.  SO gorgeous!

Whenever I see a shark all I can think of is the music from JAWS -
Duh, dun.  Duh, dun. Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, - CHOMP!!!!  :)

It was so great that it worked out that these two were in town at the same time.  Jules LOVED spending time with them!  


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