Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chicago Trip - CUBS Game!!

We left before the sunrise on Wednesday.  We wanted to get an early start so we could be in Chicago by early afternoon.  It was a great drive and didn't really feel like 7 hours in the car.

We got to Chicago around 1:00 and enjoyed a great lunch at Lou Malnati's.  You can't go to Chicago without having some deep dish pizza!!!

After that we shopped around for some CUBS gear for me to wear to the game.

Drew's Dad and Step-Mom also happened to be in town that weekend.  They were there for a fireman's convention and we planned to go the the game with them the next day.

We met them for dinner that first night and made our plans for the next day.

On Thursday we slept in a little, had a great breakfast and then got ready for the game.  Julianna was SO excited about her first game!  She could not wait to put on her shirt and hat!  She was just too cute!

We met Bob and Diane at the shuttle stop by their hotel and took a bus to the game.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to get to the game.  No driving around for an hour trying to find a parking spot, no parking fees and it drops you off right at the gate.  It was perfect!

We got the to game a little early and walked around outside of the field and just took it all in .  Drew and I had been there before - he took me for my 25th birthday when we had only been dating for about 6 months. It was on that trip that I realized I was completely in love with him and wanted to marry him!  :)

Anyway, we took some great pictures and then headed to our seats.  We had a great view of the field and after we got our Chicago dogs and drinks, we settled in to watch the game.  Now, I like baseball, but we always watch it at home and I can do lots of other things while I am watching and feel like I am not missing any of the game.  I was a little concerned how long Julianna would last at the game.   But, honestly, she did great.  We did get up and walk around for a little bit around the 4th inning, but other than that, she was all about watching the game,

I kept her busy by showing her the people inside the scoreboard and watching them change out the score, runs, outs etc. and we had fun people watching. :)  Before we knew it the game was over and we were hustling to get back to the bus!

After an extremely bumpy and crazy drive back to where our car was, we took Bob and Diane out for pizza - to Lou Malnati's again and enjoyed a great evening with them!

We were able to catch the sunrise on the way to Chicago.  It was beautiful and one of my favorite moments of the trip.  Jules loved seeing her first sunrise!  :)

Some great photo opps along the way!

Lots of Cubs memorabilia at Lou Malnati's.  I snapped a picture of this because I thought it was cool that the game we were going to was against the Detroit Tigers.  

The deep-dish was unbelievable!

All ready for her first CUBS game!!!! 

We were all ready to go and support our team!!!

 Seeing that sign is still such a cool feeling!

Chicago city skyline from ballpark.

Andy Richter threw out the opening pitch!!!!


 Jeff Garlin sang suring the 7th inning stretch.  He is from Daddy Daycare and a hilarious comedian!!

 It was a great first day of our trip!

We were exhausted that night, but so thankful for a great day and looking forward to the next day when we would visit all of the museums!!! :)

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