Tuesday, June 5, 2012

8 Years!!

Today, Drew and I celebrate 8 years of marriage.  We were talking last night about how we feel like it has been 8 years.  Usually we say "I feel like our wedding was just yesterday", but today we feel the full effect of 8 years.  

It has been a hard year for us, not with our marriage, just with life.  We made some difficult decisions about certain family members, we packed up and moved to another state, we started new jobs, we got used to life in a new town, and we worried about Julianna's adjustment to our new life.  But through it all we learned new things and we grew not only as individuals, but in our marriage as well.

Some of my favorite moments with Drew are when we have put Julianna to bed, we turn off all technology and we just sit and talk.

Drew and I have always prided ourselves in the fact that we can talk to each other about ANYTHING.  The good, the bad and definitely the ugly.  Sometimes we like what the other person has to say and sometimes we don't, but we talk through everything and really listen to the other person.  I hate to say this, but I think something so simple as that - talking and listening - is rare in a marriage.

I am so thankful for this man. He works so hard for our family and loves me unconditionally.  Through all of my mood swings and self doubt, he is there to lift me up and encourage me and love me.

And I can still count on him to pinch my butt, pull me in close and give me a big kiss on a daily basis!  That's true love right there folks!  :)

Happy Anniversary my love!  8 years!  So many amazing and wonderful things have happened in those 8 years, whether they were good or bad, I am so thankful to have done them all by your side.  Thank you for loving me, supporting me and for being my husband.  I am one blessed girl and I love you so very much!

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