Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Bake!

On Sunday we celebrated Julianna's 6th birthday with her friends from school.  I know it was a month early, but we wanted to do her party while school was still in session and before the craziness of summer started.

Julianna decided a while ago that she wanted a Baking party.  We all had lots of ideas about it, but she came up with most of the stuff we did.  And I have to say, it was SO much fun!  All of the kids loved it and even the adults!

Drew and I were completely exhausted afterwards, but it was totally worth it!  I was so busy that I didn't take pictures of everything that we did (I know!)  But here was our menu for the day:

~ Cupcakes
~ Chocolate Covered Strawberries
~ Decorate Cupcakes
~ Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies
~ Funfetti Cookies

It was a lot, but we had fun making a mess and they loved being able to take all of their goodies home!

 Her invitation

 So excited for the party to start!!!

When she planned the party, all she could talk about was wanting a chocolate fountain.  I said "No, too messy"  But Daddy had other ideas and here it was all ready to go for the party and the kids kept the mess to a minimum, so it was all good.  :)  When she brought home her writing journal this week there was an entry dedicated to this chocolate fountain.  :) 

Funfetti Dip - Amazing!!!  Google it and you will find this simple and delicious recipe!

Lots of sparkly shoes started to arrive!

A few of the guests. 

 Her own recipe box and cards to start her own collection. :)  

 O.k. - so proud bragging Mama moment:  
A couple of months ago when we first started talking about her party, she came to me and Drew and said that she did not want any presents for her birthday this year.  Instead she wanted her friends to bring gifts for children who did not have anything.  "Why do I need more toys Mama, when there are other kids who have nothing."  Oh yes, tears commenced and pride welled up big time in my heart.  So we did a little research and found a local organization that helps children of abuse.  I contacted them to see what all they needed and included that on her invitation.  

 Julianna and Drew went shopping for her gifts to the organization and her friends brought......

....ALL of this!!!  She was SO happy and said that night - A few of her friends still brought her a gift, but that night Julianna said "I am just SO thankful that the kids we are helping got so many new things."  

I just love her pure and sweet heart.  I hope she has that always and continues to be the sweet, caring person she is today.   

Now we are looking forward to her actual birthday and our trip to Chicago!  We leave in three weeks and we are all SO ready for a vacation!!!

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